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now because everyone is writing about alpha year wrap up i shall write one too.

lets start at orientation april 2004
as i have mentioned again and again... i was severely astounded by the friendliness of mmu folks. applause goes to them please** [*-*]

i have met wonderful people and still meeting them. n i apologize if i do not have the time to spend with u guys.. but it has been really heart tugging for me to realize how beautiful the world can be with better people with better hearts

lecturers can be boring. books can be dead. but i m again surprised by the help given and the help offerec here by fellow classmates. not the competitive dead market like my high school classroom.

n lets get on to christian fellowship
its funny how much i was chased by God thru out my whole life even before coming to mmu. but none of the incidents seemed significant.. storybooks i read( tales frm the bible by enid blyton, the cross and the switchblade given by a family of friends from aussie) they just seemed like stories.... not real life testimonies. n those sneak peaks into bible when i was away from home.. were just forgotten n regarded as a touch of inquisitiveness. other includes visits to churches, yes i m curious. but i came as a visitor, not a predator nor a worshipper.
when i first hear testimonies from mmu cfers, i realize how much God can actually save people. n there was not a single time i did not cry when i was there during cf.

but yes. i did not like it there. not because of the people. just that... if u go to a room with a notie saying ' you will be hypnotized in there' when u r inisde u psycho urself siao gila not to get hypnotized, n even if u r u wont wanna show it

same goes.. cf as an evangelising event.. i expect myself to be aloof, but i accepted Him... n i feel so much more comfortable staying aloof... hehe.. though darryl's mom told me that showing i changed might actually give the cfers some encouragement.
i still do feel more comfortable if i was somewhere else.

ok. before wat i said is going to be classified as an evangelism, i had better carry on..
next hostel mates

auds n fel were my first. n still the best. funny times. though i did not know the 3 of us were to part so soon.
after that were alice. she is not going to read this but i'll write anyway.. she is as dirty and as messy as me. *-*
though she is 21... i m like a bigger sis to her. telling her to clean up.. we eat each other's foods... money.. exchange clothes for fun... talk deep into the night. n really. i m surprised i can tell her things that i never tell others.

other than my roomates.. there were floormates... angie.. shalini...their friends.. who helped me... ATTEMPT to climb into my room thru the window. but failed. n ATTEMPT to kick the door open.

hasanah..nanie..their roomies... liana... for always being in view when i go to the toilet.



n lending me stuffs ... answering emergency calls when i need them.


sue win... for caring.. the first i consult when i have relationship problems...
liana.. for answering emergency calls
celine... girl talks.... a sister.. though i havent been a good one...
auds... the world wont be complete in everybody's life without her.. certainly not in mine...
charel... for helping me when i lost my key.. n when i suddenly appear in her room for nothing.. haha
shien sim.. for helping me burn stuffs.. lending me cds... even when she is late di
lisa... for caring...
pui yi..hasanah...nanie..shalini...angie...

jason.. for helping with e week... playing y! pool with me when i m bored...
johnson.... for voicing the e week flash... talkiing wtih me eventhough he is sick... for still beingfriends with me though i din help him with his work all the time
snecx tan.... the genius that declares he doesnt know english but it is him that i do not understand the most n understand the most........complicated? thats how it is..
david.... for bringing pork. for being so kind to me...
dennis.... for kacauing me ... hehe... actually that time i call u auntie because i thought u r someone else. not because i wanna call u auntie.
lesly....brian.... eton...
n of cos.. zeek... wish u all the best for ur scholarship... hope u get it.. but i hope u come back awnyway... din get to say a proper goodbye to u... i had a great time at fcm night... take care man...

next next.... lecturers
..........put who wor.

ok... on then... darryl lim wei ren
i guess from now on whenever i think of alpha i will think of u. when i think of hostel also i will think of u. n whenever i sees anything that we experienced together.. i will surely remember u...
i still feel weird knowing that when we first met, i see u in a certain light.. n now i see u in a ttally different light... we have both changed .... for the better... n of cos only the both of us can evoke the bad side of us...
from the time u got shocked at a 4.90 bucks ice cream...still is shocked... ah nvm....i shall keep to the topic... to the time we quarrel until both of us practically bleed . all the pleasure and the pain... just makes me feel so much more alive..
bringing me to ur church... making me feel at home... when i couldnt... i didnt really have much to offer when it comes to family warmth..
thank u also for bringing me back to ur home... the love i felt there is going to support me til the day i have my own children where i will do the same to them...
all misunderstandings were misunderstandings... we learnt to hate each other... n by doing that love each other more n more..
at first... it was pleasure just doing work with u.. or sitting next to u in class...
then it went into going out together...
ice skating... movies.. nice dinners... chinese and western and of cos sushi
then we became darlings... or dears...
and then were the times we twalk wike twis.... where i always cancel ur priwiwedges...n u r always scwared... and then we made new words ... like riding donkey... ohcee.... chucapcuk...
now we are lings... cuz darling is simply too long...
n pleasure was transforming into someone totally new to me... whenver i m with you... all those cutesy playful times.. i wonder how did that came about.

but sadly. u ends with alpha.
but of cos... sentences are always erasable and decisions are always changed....

... but.. there will come a time when they will remain unchanged. that day is coming. but when.


i simply learnt nothing..oh got... pagemaker..n freehand.