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watercolour down

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landsacpe:tea fields at Boh plantation

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still life:jumble of purples

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architecture:equatorial hotel at night

4 feet by 4 feet canvas down.
click for bigger size

turning in circles
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late at night, when all the world is sleeping.
i'll stay up and think of you and i wish on a star that somewhere you are thinking of me too.

cuz i m dreaming of you tonight til tomoro, i'll be holding you tight.
n theres no where in teh world i rather be than here in my room,
dreaming bout u n me.

wonder if u even see me?
n i wonder if u know i m there.
if u looked in my eyes..would u see wat's inside?
would u even care?

i just wanna hold u close but so far, all i have are dreams of you..
so i'll wait for the day n the courage to say how much i love you.
yes i do.

i'll be dreaming of u tonight til tomoro, i'll be holding u tight.
n theres no where in the world i rather be than here in my room,
dreaming about u n me.

i cant stop dreaming of u.

late at night when all the world is sleeping, i'll stay up n think of u
n i still can't believe.. that you came up to me and said
i love you..

i love you too.

now i m dreaming with u tonight..til tomoro and for all of my life
n theres no where in the world i rather be.. than here in my room
dreaming with u endlessly..

thank u b.. for making my dreams come true..for saying i love you.. n for dreaming with me..


swatch: time. is what you make of it.
version friends vs enemy

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mooncake festival desu

this is the first mooncake festival that i can witness that attack of SLRs!! flash flash cikkak!! cikkak!!


this is also the first mooncake festival n the first time i heard sim cuss.


woke up so blur. everyone seemed to be moving like super fast n hyper while i watch them slow mo. i finally woke up when they flash n flash n flash all their 4k assets at everyone n anyone..


photos i took..

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moon so bright.. night so fine...

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he he
sorry har.
next time i wont photoshop so much blusher .. make u look like tomato only. sorry hah.

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ivan doing poser jump.. woooo...

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du derriere.. i just love du derriere.. it can mean so much..

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ee!! miao miao!!


thank u.
for noticing. n talking to me.

in the past.. we couldnt be close.

i feel so much better after talking to u. i understand. i understood already. how others looked at me last time. i was wrong. i was hoping. n wishing. yet i din know that they came true right there. right then. i din know til now. now i see myself differently in the mirror. cuz of you.
i miss u. i miss ur loud voice. ur high pitch singing. out of tune. of cos. n god i miss ur legs.
we changed. we grew.

cant wait to see you.
they kept us apart. they kept me from the top. from my dreams. from the real me.

but somehow i wish they had understand. n had accepted me. n love me. cuz somehow they dunno how important they are to me. still are.

now i wonder if those photos.. with only me missing... are intentional.
i crept out of myself sooner than i thought.

i m sure u'll be great as my model. thanks for everything. i know now u cared.


thank u girls..
i never knew friendship can be this wonderful.
now i do.. u guys really bring me back down to earth..
thank u.. thank u..