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A holiday post

here are some uber-realistic rendering of my assignment..

3d render

original photo

3d render

original photo

3d render

original photo

here is the compositing short.. showing how i composite each pass

n here as promised the video of another visual effects short
animation - david n vinn
character modelling n animation - fazlin
sound - kazer n david
modelling n texturing- vinn
uv - kazer
texturing, lighting, rendering, compositing, effects - haze


i dug out my old videos.. lol.. heres my mint mg i did for 1st trimester..


plans and such

i m currently having exams right now. next monday i have another visual effects short due to presentation. it is somewat different from the one i posted in the previous post... less romantic.. the upcoming one is football themed.. busy busy as a bee..

preview :

thats bokeh effects man!!! see it!?? lol..

anyway, here are vinn's motion graphics piece..

i m so proud of her!! she has improved so much compared to when i first knew her...


work n bad luck

sad to say.. my bad luck hasnt ended. yesterday as i was heading home, my car broke down again.
though ah b already changed my battery and all. it still did not help.

but then i m getting used to this kinda shit already

anyway.. my fa final work... finally got it done..


the worst that can happen

i so drunk i m so gonna post this

last week... my never ending bout of bad luck happened..
first i did not present my final presentationa s i did not finish... not even half

then.. i got barred.. cuz i owe MMU 20 cents.. FUCKING 20 cents
like wat the effing cute king kong fuck???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today is saturday 12th may

we were supposed SUPPOSED yall.. to go to singapore for davids sis wedding solemnization.

i woke up at 9 by ah b's call.. rushed everything to readiness and greatness by 9 am.

then i drove there.

and it started.

my car broke down.
in front of a traffic light luckily..but not fortunately.. it was 10.12 am.. our bus was 11 am

i called ah b
he rushed there.
went back
fetched chuen
pushed my car to the side.. n rushed off to the train station

we were both fucking pissed. at each other . at everything. at everyone. fuck.


we were there... late

managed to exchanged the tix for the 12 pm one.


ok it was like this.
he placed his bag on the chair in front of me
he told me ' watch my bag, b'

he went out .. for a.. watever
i dunno.
then .. someone came to talk to me
a foreigner , he said ' lady, can u tell me which bus goes where?'
' where does ur tix says ur heading'
'wat time does ur tix says?'
um.. no no .. which bus is heading where..

i pointed.. n i saw ah b TALKING TO ANOTHER MAN... i was like ok watever
this one goes to penang the other goes singapore

he's like.. ok thank u

i look back. the bag's gone

the passport was inside. ah b's passport

my bag was still there.. with my passport inside.. why din they take that one
we did not realize that we were talking to someone at THE SAME FUCKING TIME when they took it n ran off.

we panicked. shouted. screamed. scolded. ran. searched. no avail.

went to the police station.. made a report. went home. sleep

wht a day... what a fucking day...

later at night.. we thought we should relax at shane's party. so here i m.. perpetually stoned.. drunk. blogging my bad luck at a cyber cafe.

this is... like.. nirvana.. man... i m so stoned.

peace out..

look after your belongings..


birthday boy

i have finally gotten a deviantart account.

i can now be reached at hazelong.deviantart.com

dear ah b,

happy 21st birthday..
i really hoped you enjoyed your birthday week
and i hoped i could sometimes just see in your head what you really want

ah b n kimchi, patch

vinn, in a telephone advert. wtf

the blissful, the blur, the angry

veron and kinhoe

vinn in a restaurant commercial wtf

Ah b's birthday cake

look at his father.. so cute hahahahaha.

why does he look so drunk here...haha

happy anniversary+happy birthday

ah b pretending to be cool

ian and vinn

ivan being ivan, sim tired of ivan..lol

charel and dennis

the gang

mimi... is sick.. she has a pouch infection.... if anyone knows a vet who specializes in sugar gliders please let me know. please.. it really doesnt look good... the pouch is swollen with water.. and theres yellow dots on it..



Dear Sam Raimi,
I have been anticipating this movie for a long long time with high expectations due to your endless and powerful publicity campaign of teasers and trailers.
I m sad to say that I am highly disappointed with your movie.

First off, Spiderman 1 was amazing due to its emotional script but 3 was... cheesy and corny.
nope, I shall lay it with film students' terms, the script was predicatable, bad acting inducing and mostly due to the fact that the screenplay is written by YOU this time around.

In Spiderman 1, the screenplay was written by David Koepp which was outstanding which is no wonder why he was pledged for written the upcoming Spiderman 4.

Sam Raimi ruined the story with his corny script writing, making even the best actors round struggle with the horrid lines.

For Spiderman 4 i have heard that the cast would not even return. most of the cast. Sam Raimi is on his own.

News aside, Spiderman 3 is a mixture of a badly cheorographed love hate relationship together with visual effects action shots. Please don't hate me for hating this movie ok, i like bought the 165 bucks Spiderman chronicles book for my boyfriends birthday expecting it to be good, only to be blown away to pieces by its .. aih. u know.

The only excitement I noticed in the audience is when Stan Lee makes an appearance in the movie... He was the old man telling Tobey " Sometimes one man do make a difference"

like yeah?? duh... i mean how many times did the script raise goosebumps in you?none for me... it was badly written.. saved only at the end by the acting of James, Tobey and Kirsten.

According to Charel, the only good thing that came out of this movie is the ending song ... haha.. which is Signal Fire by Snow Patrol.. yay!!
The soundtrack boasts of songs by snow patrol, the killers, even rogue wave!!! woohoo!, jet and my chemical romance just to name a few..

The visual effects is stunning too.. i was like .. the fucking sand was reflected on the building!!! which i later found out that the buildings are mostly 3d too... wtf..
What a pity they did not spend ample time convincing Sam to get David Koepp for the screenwriting.

Bad parts =
1. Spiderman running with a background of American flag flapping.. WTF??? yes yes yes we know spiderman is a brand of America US of the A, ok? don't need to rub it in
2. Family Reunion scene for Sandman, can it get any cornier??
3. Spiderman becoming a wussy, depending on Harry
4. Similiar ending shot of funeral, similiar to Spiderman 1, only reminding audience how terrible this is compared to 1

Good parts=
1. Harry osborne's transformation into a man!!
2. Flashbacks from spiderman 1 and 2 ..how sad.

can u even believe some blogger even compare this to Batman Begins.....
It was like by Christopher Nolan, god of all films and this is like from Sam Raimi, the man who directed for the love of the game, a simple plan, the quick and the dead, clockwork, a simple murder?? heard of them?? never.

Christopher Nolan = the prestige.. OH MY FG
Memento= best film ever
Batman begins = mediocre effort, note i m only listing down the fiels he directed AND written.. others are.. um..not worth mentioning

please la ok. Sam Raimi n Christopher Nolan are like on totally different levels...
Sam is like a creep..no the travelling chicken in DOTa, while Christopher Nolan is like ass pawning godlike mtfk hero.

if you are planning to watch spiderman 3, go for the visual effects. ignore the lines, look at Harry and pray you have spiderman 1 at home to relive your passion for spidey.. you'll be fine.