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Kakiis : A Moment with your Kakiis

Join the Kakiis!!!
Its a cool website where you can connect with all your friends!
They are holding a contest.
can get to win a freaking Mac Book Air
Thats the video contest!

I am just hoping that they will see how much fun we had when we shot this in Putrajaya.
So I am opting for the Photography Contest!
I couldn't possibly do it at BlushBerry so I am doing it here.

You can find out more here!
Oh by the way, if you do win the Mac Book Air thru this recommendation.. then it's mine.
I am such a good friend.

Friends Who Share Your Ups & Downs With You
taken with a Nikon DSLR at Putrajaya Bridge overlooking the Putrajaya Lake.
set with a timer. both for the camera and the action.
Many many takes and silly outtakes as well.
Our Post Graduation Photo.

Days of Great Memories..

Since I did not get to write a graduation post like yall.. ahem..
Here goes :
for being in my very happy university life.
for showing me what it means to have a friend.
to be loved and love.

and for introducing all your eccentricity in my life
letting me spread mine around too.

We are all on different paths now
though we did not begin at the same point
we may not end at the same point either
our paths did cross
and literally drew an X on me.

I haven't forgotten.
what it was like
to have friends like yall.

Much Love
Peace Out.



i did the after.
glenn feron did the pro one.
who is better

i dunno.
makes me hate looking in the mirror
oops i copied ringo's phrase.
kill me.

on the other hand
people around me is so emo.
i dig my nose also piss them off
laugh also wrong
smile also wrong

god. so hard to live.. might as well i go die
keep quiet wrong
play wrong

funny thing is.. why do wat i do affects them so much i also dunno why.
i must be a planet.
no. since i have 2 big n droopy ones maybe i m a milky way.

i shall call the clusters of goo that i m "black milk"


Cheesie's new header

BlushBerry is in Cheeserland.com!

I designed the header for Cheesie.. but omg!!! IT WASN'T GREEN ENOUGH FOR HER!!!!!
I swear I breathe easier when I m in her blog.. cuz I am photosynthesis-ing.

The original header.

And below is all the other nonsense I cooked up in Photoshop.
Have a look see :
The background is shot using Heineken's bottle using SLR at a very very slow shutter speed.
Just wave the bottle around for the effect.
Dark room required.

When I showed this to Ringo, she was like " Selamat Hari Raya"
So I had to dump all the yellow away.

To this. green. no yellow. pls. ONLY GREEN.
PHOTOSYNTHESIS is the IN thing now.

She have green eyes!!!!!!



i edited ringo aka cheesie's photo.. but i din keep the ori. wtf.. we took this outside M's shop that day after the workshop. got fucking blisters on my toe.

she even used it for her msn display pic...

i also designed her december header.. but dunno whether she will use onot. i m too dazed to ask.. damn sleepy wei. din sleep whole night.
i can't post the header yet.. if she uses them then i post la all of them.
see la how. i free onot.

happy.. weeeeee.. all my miao miaos.
oh. n sim's i-can-finish-wan hamburger leftover. still stuck on the fork.



i learned to be selfless
i learned to have thick skin
i learned to be the bad person
i learned alot

what have i gained...

thing is malaysia is such a small country.. everybody knows everyone..
n each community is very close knit
gossips is always here n there

even among famous bloggers..
i hope i dun get sucked in


A Beautiful Mess

I've got the best of both worlds..
I'm the kind of girl who can take down a man.. and lift him back up again..
I am strong but I'm needy.. humble but I'm greedy
and based on my body language and shotty cursive you've been reading..

My style is quite selective.. though my mind is rather reckless
well maybe it just suggests that this is just what happiness is..

and what a beautiful mess this is..
its like we're picking up trash in dresses..

I know it kind of hurts when the kind of words I write kind of turn themselves into knives
Don't mind my nerve.. you could call it fiction.. do you like being submerged in my contradictions..dear..

cause here we are.. here we are...

although I am biased... will you love my advice..
My comebacks..they are quick.. and probably have to do with my insecurities..
There's no shame in being crazy.. depending on how how you take these words I'm paraphrasing this relationship we are staging

and what a beautiful mess this is..
its like we're picking up trash in dresses

I know it kind of hurts when the kind of words I say kind of turn themselves into blades
And kind and courteous is a life you've heard.. but its nice to say that we played in the dirt.. dear

cause here we are.. here we are.
We're still here

And what a beautiful mess this is..it's like taking a guess when the only answer is yes
and through timeless words and priceless pictures..

we'll fly like birds not of this earth..
and times they run.. and hearts disfigure..
but that's no concern when we are wounded together..
and we tore our dresses and stained our shirts
but it's nice today.. oh dear was the wait worth it?


i can only savor the desperate pain inside me every night.
as what could be cannot be.

how can one build the great wall of china.. love it. hate it. repair it again and again. and then tore it down to start with one new brick.

i don't know if I ever could.

yet all the cars that passed, all the chances missed.
there is a silent desperation for me to break free.

and when everything is too late. for anyone..
will i have the heart to cry.
when tears no longer hold the full weight of my sadness.
they are discoloring me into someone else that i do not know.

when i m so exhausted from injecting anesthetic into my heart everyday..
pretending, spacing out.
i m nothing but a stone..
saved only when broken into sand.

nobody. somebody.
beloved. loved.
belong. longed for.

its all but a title you tell your friends.
what i longed for is a fairy tale that does not exist in this world.

yet i put up a fake visage each day to pretend i m real. i m bad. i m a bitch.
i m no longer honest with myself.
guess i m an adult now.

making things last, forsaking all temporary pleasantries.

i miss those days where i hop. skip. run.
where i can cry in tune to the sadness in me.
where i can scream and rage in tune to the anger in me.
where i can love in tune to the heart in me.

i forsake them all. for the great wall of china i built over all these years.
it would be a shame to tear it down.

and even if i do tear it down.. who is to say that the sun will rise for what i m gonna built soon..
when everyone else is just as torn and empty as i am.

what is there to like.
about me.


Sanguine Loneliness

Vinn is in Bali
Kimberly in Port Dickson
David sick in Cyber
Dad in China

omg... why am i left alone.


Random Sunny Eggs

why vinn's photography so emo n nice.. T_T

Swirls of happiness out of my head

Swirls of silliness out of my head


hurray.. photoshoot party this Sunday at my house..!!!



Make Up Store

Recently we ( me n my partner, Kim) we prepared a cosmetic collaboration proposal.. in powerpoint and also in cover letter..
when my dad was back.. we kena fucked over by him. we ended up doing EVERYTHING again the day before we meet 2 clients (laura mercier and Make Up Store)
we were aiming for M cuz we LOVE LOVE LOVE their products.. so many shades. superb quality and well.. the marketing executive is very nice to us also la before.

what we wanted to do is to get products from them to give out as freebies in Bb.. n also get packs of products for another promo(secret.. hehe) .. n also in all our artices..photos.. n videos.. use their products.. so its kinda like a big thing.. especially the secret promo..

david was there when my dad fucked our presentation.. aih.. everybody got so excited and david was doing his own SRI he even stood up n watch my dad teach us the right way to present.

so we ended up doing everything until 5 am.. my dad said " i will be up 6.35 am to check on ur new presentation"

we were sleeping like logs. all 3 of us in my room

anyway.. we woke up at around 11 am.. printed all the shit. felt like shit due to the harrassment by my dad. we were so SOBER n SOMBER all the way we drive there.
silent n thoughtful..

we met the wrong person.. she is doing the events..
but she was so impressed by our presentation that she straight away called her marketing manager n set an appointment for us the next day (which is today, the manager pushed us to next week due to emergency watever)
n she also invited us to this fashion show bla bla...

she mentioned that giving us products is no problem at all... n its vv interesting.. bla bla

when we are back at the car. kim was screaming n singing all the way to our next client...
i was just steady.. cuz its not a win. not yet.. for me.. haha

this is a score.

we got EVERYTHING WE wanted and MORE.
for the promo.. we nailed the deal
for the freebies.. we nailed an even better deal with nothing to do with their products but something even better.
for the articles n shoots.. we have the best options in the world.

n then. kim got us a free make up workshop session next wednesday.

after the meeting.. our hps was flooded with calls. cuz it was set on silent.

well.. u see.. 2 young girls.. opting to start a business instead of being employed... raised alot of concern from their parents. bfs. bfs' parents.

so practically, all the parties are involved in Bb.. all the concerned parents... haha
so after the 2 deals.. both of us sat in the car in the hot car park, returning calls of triumph to our parents.

n of course. both of us owe my dad a meal. its impossible to pay him back la. mdfk he charge US2000 PER HOUR for training presentees. n the HOUR pay includes preparation time for presentation n the presentation itself n the feedback.
if i pay him i need to sell 3 of my organs.

naturally. this is just a start.


Something to cheer me up : Bb's stats

Blushberry's visitors internet browser pie chart.

320 x 396? Someone actually viewed my blog in an iphone safari browser...
tan. is that you. ish.

online boutiques = 200+- visitors a day
ashopaholics den = 800+- visitors a day
so basically i leeched the visitors from them and from 2 forums last week

this week's target.
malaysia's top female bloggers. = average 1000+- visitors a day each

feedback = 98% good comment (blog n forums)
1 % bad comment/skeptical
1 % correction of post

thus, content is good. traffic is bad.
but its just the beginning :)

"coming soon : Bb launch event.
HIRING - pay per day
*extra bonus for friends*"


BAH i still feel bad. 3 days without sleep does that to me.
3 days.. not because i m busy. not because i m worried.
because the adrenaline rushed thru me, panic attacks.. keep thinking bout all the phases. refining. expanding. improving. until cannot sleep.

now i can sleep..

5 pm i'll be up ..
i'll be fighting again.

i just need.. a lil rant here..
before i get whacked left right by my dad tonight. again.
shit, i tell u if it is the minister i wouldnt feel so intimidated.
but if i can go thru him, even the minister will be a breeze.
not only him.

i'll be whacked by kim's whole family n davids whole family.
all just to prepare me.

if u have no idea.. its best.
just imagine all the old jackie chan movies, where he train in 1 day. the next day is the big fight
this whole week is that 1 day for me.


Breaking Dawn

i m ... ..
100% damn fucking serious

i will not be greedy

i will be protective of those under me

i will not promise more than i can give

i must handle everything with elegance like a woman

i must be firm and direct

i must be fucking impressive

i have to overkill

i have to sell

i must listen to critiscm

i must not fail

i must listen to advice

i must not be deterred

no one can break me

i must. make. people. remember. me.
Haze Long


BlushBerry is Launched!


Check out the freebie that i m giving out this month k?
its Laura Mercier The New Beauty Secrets
Your Ultimate Guide to a Flawless Face
Go to the blog to see how you can win it!



i got scalded by hot boiling oil.. when i was working for blushberry..i was hungry.. i went to cook and accidentally toppled the leftover oil on my left leg.
the whole leg was like red..

n so i googled about what to do when you got scalded.. they said that as long as it is red.. it is ok.. but if i have blisters n skin peeling i should go to an emergency room immediately..

my leg was red.. so i chatted with my friend online.. i put a wet towel on my leg.. n waited

half an hour later.. i removed the towel..
it was blistering and peeling.

n it was 5 am
my car is stuck behind my dads.. so i couldnt get out.. i had to take my mom's car.. drove around the neighborhood.no clinics open..
went to the hospital..
got an injection and a cream..

n they told me my insurance medical card does not apply for non-ward submission..

n so i have to pay.

i walked back to my car, parked far far away under the rain.. holding one leg's slipper in one hand. hobbling alone to my car..

and yet i felt like i deserved this.



4 more days...



I have deleted the blog that i posted few days ago.. due to the reason that i just thought that those thoughts should be kept quiet..
i will be starting another blog.. its gonna be huge!! so make sure you are a part of the community when it is launched next month... catch the launching freebie if you can.. its free and its incredible as well..

I am working hard right now in developing that blog.. i am currently at the design stage.. logos and blog design..
after that i will be coding the blog and then it will be launched...
i will not say what is the blog about right now.. its a secret... but just a tip.. every girl should not miss the opportunity to catch my new blog in action.

but one thing for sure.. its not a money making site where i scam you with products... its gonna be a good read that is both beneficial to you and me as well.. and its not gonna be about me.. its gonna be all about you!

i will be promoting that blog in youtube, facebook, here and everywhere imaginable.. so don't miss the action!


test your iq

Move the green frogs from the left to the right. Move the brown frogs from the right to the left.
This can be done in around 3 minutes with an IQ above 50. Just click on each frog to move them, there are no tricks good luck!

tips = don't put frogs with the same colour together!

web design

anyway.. so very sorry for the layout.. my wood layout got deleted.
cuz i din pay for my hazelong.com server.
now everythings GONE

on brighter notes.. there will be a new one soon

makeover online.. very realistic

i was browsing..
n found this nifty bit of a software
allows u to give urself makeovers
really cool program
i played around with it..
n this is what i got

no photoshop at all
all from branded make up brands like MAC, loreal.. maybelline.. benefit.. laura mercier..
u can put foundation.. concealer.. lipstick.. blusher.. eyeshadow.. eyelashes even..
and even CONTACT lenses

its really easy to use.. check out their gallery
so cool!

i even took a geeky pic of myself n the result is really like i have put make up on..
they even have wigs..
n the lipstick.. the gloss really works like a gloss..

i know my attempts are kinda lame. haha.. but then again
give it a try..
all free


New video..


New Blog

I have a new blog, here

this blog will still be alive.. hehe.. this is my personal blog.


One piece 365 english dubbed download free

to watch it from a streaming video.. click here

or else. download here.
courtesy of www.animecrazy.net


I just have to post this

u heard right.
It should be emphasized that these books are not for sale, and is governed by the “fair use” rule under the copyright laws. Meaning, the free e-books you get here are strictly for your own personal and educational use. The books obtained from this site shall not under any circumstance, be sold by anyone, and the owner of this site will not be responsible for the dishonest users who knowingly violate the copyright of the authors.
courtesy of www.intexblogger.com and another one which i forgot

stephenie meyer Breaking dawn
book 4 from the twilight series, predecessor of the eclipse release. FINAL BOOK
just came out on august 2nd 2008



password : www.intexblogger.com148



password : www.intexblogger.com147



password : www.intexblogger.com143

















no password required.. anything leave a shout in my shoutbox..



will update my blog when i have the time..



wow. you know. just.
..wtf did i do wrong..
or m i by default nonexistent
or by default invisible
not to be taken into consideration.


David Cook's American Idol 7 songs

download them here..
list of songs..

01 Happy Together
02 All Right Now
03 Hello
04 Eleanor Rigby
05 Day Tripper
06 Billie Jean
07 Little Sparrow
08 Innocent
09 Always be my Baby
10 Music of the Night
11 I'm Alive
12 All I really need is You
13 Hungry like the wolf
14 Baba o'riley
15 the first time ever I saw your Face
16 Dare you to Move
17 I don't wanna miss a thing
18 I Still Havent Found what i am looking for
19 Dream Big
20 The World I know
21 Time of my Life

thank me somewhere. hmm


Etude in G minor by Haze

1st movement / G minor in a 6 8 tempo
i'll paint all my notes
and as my fingers fall on your skin,
i'll play a melody that only we can understand
i'll explore all the secret areas of you,
just like how i explore the treble strings of a baby grand.
i'll strum and hit, pull and strike
take u to a crescendo.

2nd movement
then i'll just let my fingers drop
i'll curtsy like a lady
and i will leave.
as i leave, i can still hear the low decibels of the piano's echo hum

from Weber i will move on to an E'rard..
who will be next.
to see me sway my head and body to a cantabile lilt
or to fall in pesante

3rd movement
and as the years lament by,
i will live on the satisfaction
that they will never find another.
just like


Harith Iskander Stand Up Comedy

I went for yet another stand up comedy.. this time, i went to harith iskander's show in Lim Kok Wing University (College la.... ). I have been curious about harith iskander since i had gone to the jj n rudi stand up show last time in bar savanh to. well, he was just an audience at that time but i was interested nonetheless.

so when i saw the poster in MMU today ( how weird, LKW actually advertises in MMU, i thought that we are arch rivals??..there are no difference between lkw n mmu except that you BUY a degree in lkw but u STUDIED for a degree in mmu. ) i was excited..

n i headed to lkw.. in high hopes.

well in the poster, as u can see.. there are no admission fee.. but sadly there is.. not that i would not pay for it gladly but at least have the decency to put it in the poster.

we bought our tickets for RM 15... n a photo of harith was in the tix.. they did not even create his matte properly.. there are jagged pixels of the background around his silhouette. i wonder if they did it on purpose or if they are just plain lazy. hmm

when we went in, a band called "sorry" was performing. they are better than the band that performed in my prom night.
the dude uses a tablet while he half sang/half mix/half play tunes on the laptop, accompanied by a bass electric and another mixer.

then the emcee came in.. intro intro... n to my surprise.. she started the opening act by bring in andrew netto..
look! its him again.
n the same jokes again.. plus n minus a lil compared to the opening act he did in bar savanh to.. no time to write up new materials maybe.. or the event wasn't worth the effort. ahem
after the appetizer, he brought out the main dish..harith iskander

man he is good... he has good improv skills.. his impersonations does not cause people to cringe (despite his size..) in fact, they pass off as funny and adorable even.
now here is a man who is both bald n fat but has a confidence to match brad pitt.

hmm.. one of his topics is about malaysia..
n he started off with ' i love malaysia.. i love being malaysian'
then goes in to a few fillers tembaking and kutuking malaysians
he puts in another ' but malaysia is the best.. i love malaysia..'
repeat. lol..

why. ... cuz there's a video camera video taping.
but i doubt he will say he hates malaysia even when there is no camera.

the publicity for this event is terrible.. sorta.. only one third of the floor was filled..
how sad.
what a waste...