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Final Fantasy XIII

trailer for final fantasy xiii... omg... this WHOLE trailer is game engine rendered. but will only be for ps3..


i want ps 3... after i play finish ff13 then i dun wan already


back from genting

we went up on a monday morning... together with mimi.. after the bus ride.. we took the cable car up to the resort..

in the cable car on the way up...

we checked in and we dropped off our luggages. after that we went to the outdoor theme park n rode all the most thrilling rides there is. the space shot was so horrifying... i screamed and thought i could die. we went twice on that ride.

after that we went indoors and he forced me to take on the haunted adventure.. it was more horrifying that the space shot.

u know why. i tell u why cb.
cuz real people actually put on make up and they hide in places. then they make u walk thru the maze.. which has no lights. they gave us only those concert light sticks that emmits lights when u break the tube inside.

u find ur way thru this gruesome hell and at random points, someone come out and scream or grab ur leg.
there are people hiding in coffins.. that suddenly sprang open and there is also people hiding in barrels.. which suddenly came to life n almost knock us down.

i was so relieved when we are finally out. after that we checked out the ripley's believe it or not.
it was so cool to look at all those unusual events/ humans/ animals that were on exhibit.. the exhibition was damn huge ..

memorable B.i.o.N's were torture tools, magic statues that cause pregnancies, chair of luck, magic unopenable gate. ..dada..

we went back to sleep.. and woke up for dinner...mimi joined us this time!


we went to the magic show! mysteria...

a combination of musical and magic show, mysteria showcases a lil slave girl who defy the egyptian pharaoh. she escaped n met this magician who teaches her how to do magic yadayada

the most prominent parts of this show is the white tiger..very beautiful.. and then a porn star who shoots arrows at stuffs.. very staged.. also the chinese troupe... man. there were like 10 of them. they stack chairs on each other n stand like a tower...........

after the show.. we went back n had a good night's sleep..

the next morning we explored the indoor park
we wasted money in the 4d motion master... which was expected as we had alot of good 3d exposure nowadays and seeing such horrid 3d being considered as 4d is such a put of .

after that we tried out the sky venture
it was fucking amazing. best ride/sport i have ever done in my entire life!

at one part the instructer came in n held me n aid me to rotate round n round n round up and down the wind tunnel...wooo

after that we went bowling... i was leading in the first few games but ah b defeated me finally... aih

then we went to be a star.. to sing karaoke... for 3 hours...

we went for dinner and then back to the hotel for some rest before we went to the cinema for a movie.

we watched on the edge.. the plot is abit................ scattered.. not that nice.. acting lacks as the characters are not very in depth. especially for the parts of veterans like francis ng and anthony wong. their parts are flat and uninteresting while nick cheung's versatile character is poorly played as he attempted very badly at a quiet film's moody kinda approach.

after that.. we went back to sleep


the next day we left genting.. bye bye... before we leave we took more pictures

now that i m in kl.,. i have a huge headache.. and i feel like dying. its like i m finally feeling the pain that i should have felt due to my whole history.


the beauty of mamaos!

the uses of mamaos :

1. to turn any threats/ angry statements/critisicm into sugarcoated endearments.
useful for being honest when talking and also not letting the listener take it the wrong way

eg1. why are you so selfish???!!! into why are you so selfish mamao???
eg2. you are so ugly and fat !! into you are so ugly and fat mamao..

2. as a wake up call/ hello

eg1. hi fei fei
eg2. hi mamao
eg3. hi fei mao

3. as endearments while still keeping the mood light

eg1. i miss u ma miao miao
eg2. thank u so much mao

4. as expressions of cuteness and elation

eg1. ee miao miao!!!! so cute mamao!!!!
eg2. niu niu so fat.. u see.
eg3 ahhhhhhh mamamamamamammamamamaMAO!!!

5. to give identity and signs that we are all part of a clique. the mao mao gang.

6. being able to order anyone about.
eg1. pick up that glass for me ( u will get a slap. *ps: pinch if from dennis)
mamao.. pick up that glass for me ( swoons)

7. indirect reference to someone/something that you dont want other people to know
eg1. (refering to cun chick) eh see that mamao over there. damn cun

who will know i ask u?
ha mamao?

spread the maos!!!!


marry me today :david tao, jolin tsai


long time since post.. some pictures of my recent work...the finally finished motion graphic
it will take some time to load.. meanwhile look at some pictures.. aight.

i also have alot of dean koontz ebooks .. i could upload if u just give a holler in my tagboard..and also davinci code ... and eragon.. and a few of enid blytons

my holidays is coming soon.. i m going to redesign this blog and finish up my piano sheet cms..