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dedicated to u.. who helped me thru past year.. n this year.. i know u cant talk to me face to face.. only on the phone.. during holidays.. but its nice all the same. i heal alot when talking to u.. n thanks for helping me out this sem.. its wonderful to know that when i m in need of dire help..someone is there to take care of everything... n i have healed.. so much. alot cuz i know u care..

dedicated also to u.. we dun talk much now. we were close.. but wat we shared.. we shared among us. n no one else. we fell apart cuz of other commitments. n now things might be complicated cuz of my decisions. but i want u to know that i care and commitments are all a thing from the past. u were always the one who's happy for me.. n it really keeps me going at times when i want to give up.

dedicated to u.. although we talk shit all the time. intelligent stuffs only both of us can understand. u thought that i didn care..cuz heck i m just another girl to u. but i do.. u were there to talk things out wiht me when things goes wrong for me.. i tried to give u the time now but its hard.. i have other commitments.. but i know u'll make it.. i always have faith in u.. i have always treasured all teh intelligent stuffs we talked about..something i know i can never get with anyone other than u..

dedicated to u... honestly. fuck. i cant live with u. cant live wihtout you. we shared teh same room for the whole year. we cant stop talking. n i m flabbergasted at ur piano skills..though our ways have parted now.. as we have always been different.. thank u for coming down all the way just to see me.. i really care for u.. i enjoyed sharing the room again with u.. feels like old times.. n ur pillow n blankie. havent seen them in a while. i remember those arts we did together. the music we talk about.. the intellectual growth when i was with u.. n all ur advices... regarding.. um.. ahem. its nice to have someone u can be so open with.. u r the one i shared all my secrets with cuz i know they dun matter to u.. therefore it cant leak out.. mahahaha.. u'll always be my sister..

dedicated to the 5 of u. its hard not to think of u guys.. i know i've been missing out alot. n its my fault. i guess i was never ready to be a good friend .. i did not know alot of things that were obvious n apparent now that i look back in my past.. i admit.. things that mean alot and were important to u guys.. i did not feel the same. i was cold damn cold.. but wats amazing is that u guys accepted me when i was at my worst. we separated ways. but those laughters and tears we shared... they kept us going now.. now that i have grown.. n matured.. i know now how things are meant to go.. i m sorry.. for all i did wrong.. and yes i do care.. i really do.

dedicated to u.. i know u r far away.. n we met on.ly once.. but we have common grounds that kept our friendship alive up til now. thank u for all ur cds.. i really love them.. n thank u.. for bringing me back up when i was depressed.. u were always there for me.. n u kept me going.. especially the day before my semester starts... those words.. i will never forget.. u made me have faith in myself.. n somehow.. i find it easier to believe in myself now..n i know u need someone right now... i care.. i care.. pls.. i m always here. i m sorry for the way things turned out for u... i know how much u care for her...i been there done it.. i want u to know i m always here... n i wanna help u get back up like the way u did for me..

dedicated to u.... u are always someone i look up to.. n respected.. cuz of ur strong faith in god.. .. u are always so blessed..so so blessed it just prove to be a strong testimony of god's love for all of us.. i know u r always there for me.. n there are times when i needed someone..rides.. talks..advices.. food..lodgings.. i chose not to go to u.. cuz i know u'll always give the most ..n be the one who help the most.. i dunno why when it comes to u.. i wanted to always show u that i can be on my own.. n i was struggling to show u that i can be independant.. n that i can go on by myself even when i really really needed u at that time..cuz i really didnt want u to know that my life was really that messed up.. now i m better.. n i can really tell u now that i have made it.. i have made it... n i will never forget the times when we were roomates. ..

dedicated to u..i know i done lil. n i know i should have done more.. this will change i assure u.. i m not sure if i love u.. but i want to... i thought that i'll stop.. acknowledging u once i m 18.. but somehow.. i still wanna call u mom. somehow.. it sounds right.. n thank u for bearing iwth me so much.. all these years... n kept silent.. thru all my tantrums...

dedicated to u.. from pork ribs to herbal eggs . now we are finally together. i find it amazing that i can tell u so much of myself.. u are a miracle come true.. a miracle i almost let pass.. u showed me who i really am.. n who i can really be.. i m grateful to u.. cuz for once.. someone is proud of me for the things i do.. n i finally feel the way i should feel... u gave me all the confidence i need.. n i finally knew how love can be. cuz there are many emotions now that are new to me...thank u for bearing with my singing and sampat-ness. it feels good to be able to talk crap n yet have a hidden serious dialogue underneath it all.. thank u.. thank u.. thank u...