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Back for Good

First i must apologize for the long leave of absence. There were this weird thing called the internship training that we are forced to take. I am eternally grateful for landing a placement in BasecampVFX. I have learned to love and take coffee!! Mostly due to Kenji plaguing me to take one, yes in Bcvfx, they make the coffee for interns. They should probably change their name from basecamp to coffeecampvfx.

seriously like vacationing like that..lol

all kap lui in friendster...

I must admit that my workaholic attitude wore off after a month due to another personal project. it was hectic but everybody had been so so supportive. Thank you all.
This project is our final year project. A group of 4 students in Film and Animation. Naturally, I overkilled the whole thing. I searched for local artists who are seeking for their MTV to be made. We found Liang.

He was like a dream come true for us. We even got the chance to collaborate witha real production company called Picture Creatures. THey have really cute guys there. TRUST ME.

The production was a blast!!!! Ivan was amazing as the director. Vinn was the most excited and the happiest one. Ian went sunbathing. haha... It was such an exhilarating experience that i would give anything to experience it again. The crew were hilarious. All and all it was an amazing experience.

The reason why i m blogging now is because I have just wrapped the music video, ready to drop in television next week. talk about tight deadlines! I am not going to give much details about the mtv, i have been sitting in front of the pc for far too long doing nothing but fixing every single frame. am i glad it is over. Elated.

Of course there were bad times too. There were times everyone in the group is unhappy with each other. All of us need to have time off for our own priorities. Some need to play games before they can work. Some got boyfriend priorities. Some got family priorities. Sleep priorities. Things can really get tough when there is no salary involved. Did i mention we got a sponsorship of some sorts from iTech bluetooth and Izzi? and CMG too.. for the stage lighting. I even got myself a MacBookPro!! i love mac i love mac i love mac

Then there was the wedding.. Jean's wedding.. who is my boyfriend's beloved sis..
ah b posing

me posing

me doing table duty

the brother and sister

as if i am a princess...

the groom

me and the groom

double dates

me and ah b.. taken by ben.. this was sent to some portrait evaluation thingie... forgot liao what was it

Another reason for my hiatus (you will know when my blog is down and my hp is out) is also because i was confused emotionally relationship-wise. There were this time where i was so confused that i had to take a break from my boyfriend. There was no one else involved, really. Its all just in my head. I guess after a long period of serenity, i yearn for more adventure and different pastures to graze on. I was lucky, because i noticed this pattern happening again to me. The last time it happened to me, well.. i just jumped to a next boyfriend. but this time i couldn't let it happen.

Mostly because he is such a amazing guy. He had never done anything wrong really. His whole freaking world is centered around me, well mine was on his too. Which is why i decided to sit the whole thing out. waited it out. and i gave this relationship a second chance. It was great cuz this trial had changed me for the better. I am so happy that i stayed. I guess the love was just hidden under the great mess- my burdens.

For my birthday we went to Hong Kong. What an amazing place to shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The hotels were crazy!!!!!! it was great!!! but the food is expensive and not nice at all. the Sasa there is huge and there is new stuff everywhere!!! but ah b practically slept thru half of the holiday.
We went disneyland, which explains why there is a barrage of disney movies in my pc right now. i love it there so much! and Macdonalds there got Hot Cakes I LOVE HOT CAKES.


Ah b n his fave MU player

He doesn't move if you don't pay, so ah b compensated by being a fool..lol

i love this picture

ah b and his football team.. yea right

i know the shoes don't match.. comfort above beauty when it comes to travelling.

this is in front of the venetian casino

ah b looking forlorn waiting for us to do our shopping

do i need to describe?

sex deprived

PORTUGEESE tarts!!!!

tarts and tarts.

pardon the quality... we did not bring the SLR.. how clever of us..

a very happy me

the 2 idiots

the 2 oversized monkeys

you are no Arthur

i can pull it out anytime i want! honest!

wanton daisy.


the 2 mouseketeers

the 2 belle

mulan and the old king

our tix

grumpy ducks

i chopped my hair

choo choo

i love love love chip and dale

why issit that i m always trying to look as pretty as possible while he is trying to look as idiotic as possible

cotton candy!

morning view from L'hotel

unbelievably great durian pastry

last day in hk

EA gaming shop.. you can even try out the games here.. PC xbox n ps3

sunset view of hk

surfing for something interesting

the look on his face when he accidentally ordered porn

forced him to take pics of me

evening view of hk from hotel

cool tv and lights

theres even a magnigying mirror for make up

look. u can see through the washroom's wall!!! theres that tub! how romantic..

bye bye hong kong.....

Well there is anothere reason for my hiatus... Facebook. i made the mistake of drawing a portrait of a girl in the graffiti application... n it got propped to the masterpieces page... since then i have been a regular at that page.. i been getting like 60 emails a day... people telling me they like my graffiti and how it inspired them.... wow... its a great feeling, to actually INSPIRE others. n at one point, jay tang the ultimate graffiti god from facebook added me. how cool is that.

but i was busy. n my facebook is on hiatus too. now i m back. not for good.. but occasionally...enjoy the pics n the paintings here... alot of them...

done for Chuen.. some prom night thingie.. how ironic that he was accused of downloading this online. the friend thought that people just arent capable of creating work like this here. well eat this. not that i think it was any good.

valentine card for jean's lushgowns.com and justgowns.biz business. i designed lushgowns btw.. :)

namecard for iris, lie yuen's sister..who is a make up artist

first version.. still have difficulties painting light..not sure if i posted this before or not..

the plain version..


3702 props as of today.. the one that plummeted me to fame. or was it blame. i always mix up those two.

for easy wishes...
509 props

anothere one..
339 props

as a thank you to others
651 props

was so rushed i drew one eye lower. fuck
744 props

a slightly wide eyed aragorn...lol
1058 props.

for christmas
1493 props

as if... haha.. i din reply any of them requests..meanie me.

*** more pictures in my facebook