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dwhy do i always ruin every man i love



during this year or the last, after exam a group of students went to karaoke
while singing the latest hit
one of use asked the one next to him..
'wei, 20 years later today, what will we be that day?'

20 years later,
maybe will change into a suit n tie stereotype person,
big belt, lots of credit cards
after work, we'll all go to a bar.. look at our beer, our ciggarettes and then maybe at the girl at the next table..waiting when she will accidentally expose her panties..

20 years later....
.. hm. maybe i'll finally buy the sports car i like...
but still have to pay installments for another 20 years
.. 20 years la..maybe i'll have change many many jobs
learning how to do a certain thing more n more... but at the same time, getting knowledge less and less.

maybe that time,, i'll go to the gym, but no matter how often i go, the beer belly will still remain..
of cos, after 20 years... i will still remember the one love that i cannot let go..
having more n more girlfriends.. but meanwhile, i'll be loving less and less...

"little kid... what will u get? what will you lose... you'll know what you are looking for "

maybe that time, i'll lose some of my family members n close ones...and meantime, i'll have more and more unsaid regrets and guilt piling up on me..
and also i'll realize life is already gone halfway for me...

maybe then i will finally get married...use up my life saving to get a house, a car, a garage and a swimming pool
more n more entertainment but less and less happiness
maybe after that i'll get divorced, go back to a single man's life
alone in my bed, holding my bolster, turning left and right
eat 2 sleeping pills...shed a tear for my life
and then i'll remember these few decades , what kinda person i am

that night, i'll go out witt my old classmates to karaoke,
sing til dawn..
then go home, n saw on my table theres a soup left there by my family
the soup is cold already..

"little kid... what will u get? what will you lose... you'll know what you are looking for "


car accident

traffic light red
i braked
back one banged



fish, panda, olympic flame, antelope and swallow
n if u put the words together you get... BEI-JING HUAN YING NI
Beijing welcomes you.