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the handsome, the fat and the sexy

the handsome( click for larger view )

the fat( click for larger view )

the sexy ( click for larger view, photoshop & painter 2.5 hours )


Design Board

update on portfolio

the design board



a fit tribute to the 300 warriors, over grand, stylized, dramatized and overstaged epic movie. if i were a spartan i would be proud of the movie.

a few hours ago i was expecting bad acting, a whole shit load of effects ( the real stars of the movie almost 5 vfx production companies) and an empty movie.
i was wrong.

there are 3 types of movies.
the over and the under.
the over are the overstaged and dramatized like 300.
the under are realistic and down to earth like wong kar wai.

oh i mentioned 3, the one in between are the forgotten ones. so normal that it is but a speck of dust taking up space in your memory, like uncleaned registries.

some would expect 300 to be the under... or even be like the one in between.. hello??? its an epic hello? if its an under, like .. wat? the pianist or schindler's list then there would be no glory but only depression. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A GRAND DEPICTION.

but i do agree that it is harder to make a realistic film than an overstaged one, but honestly this time in 300 an overstaged one worked better.

for those who expect it to be in between over n under ( in the categories of failed sci fis, horrors, comedies, utterly sensely pointless films ).... i have nothing to say.

300 is a movie that will create not only waves in the audiences, but in the making of future films, setting a bench mark for other filmmakers. film is an art, where every frame every second if you pause it, the composition is perfect.

enough about 300...

i have recent updates on my work.
i m in a frenzy.. hyped.. !
i can say i m born to exceed boundaries everyday... in anything..
i m proud... yes... cuz i know i will have more humility when i go intern next sem... so let me have my share of pride before i fall.

vue Vue render... 19 hours render time, global radiosity

final concept board..

a little souvenir for reading up til now... have a nice day!!

was on the back cover of readers digest a many years ago... it was so cute.. i did it with colour pencils. like an empy canvas, for us to paint knowledge and beauty into it.


britney spears - she's so lucky.. she's a star.

when she first started out.. she was innocent, cute, bubbly and 3 bra cups smaller. remember 'baby one more time'?
then she went famous.. she was happy for a while.. and then the pressure from the world kicked in..
she couldn't handle it.. she chose to get married.. to Kevin Federline.. hoping for some sanctuary for some shielding.. but that failed too.. after 2 babies..
n then its also time for her big comeback

which hasnt happen yet.
she went clubbing... got herself in to drugs.. depression..
n got admitted to PROMISES rehab centre.. she was doing fine
and then she shaved her head bald. due to the pressure.

now its almost 2 weeks from her admission to PROMISES.
she just attempted suicide with a bed sheet.. she tried to hang herself.

the world will not stop until they destroy this young starlet. newspapers... tabloids.. magazines... gossip columns and blogs..
enough is enough.


Guess who's this?

Its none other than Scout Willis..

hmm... Bruce Willis + Demi Moore = Scout Willis

yay. now u get it

daddy's little girl

sometimes love can be buried so deep you do not realize it is there. until one day, something happened... maybe a movie, a song, a picture, a gesture reminds you that your little body is capable of holding in such great mass of emotions. of love. for someone who brought you up in this turmoil world : minus the morning kisses, the affection fondles, the pat on the shoulder.

and then you think, how can i show my love for that someone whom i did not even kiss his cheek every morning.. or even when i leave town. all the love buried inside bursting to come out in ...
in.. what?

i m not strong enough to kiss him without crying. to hug him without crying. or even tell him that i love him without crying.

time flew by n i did not use one hour out of the 21 years to tell him.. thank you. sorry and i love you. i was always busy painting. playing piano. sleeping. at the pc. distant in my thoughts of work and my own life. that i have forgotten OUR life together.

how many hours did you spend telling your dad how much you love him?

if you see this.. spend a minute and tell him you do. love. him.



unfinished ffXII digital painting, supposed to have balthier, ashe and the moogle u see now.

feeling the blues... life's a flat monotone song, constant drones and drums of the city life.
just woke up from a 12 hour nap from 3pm to 3 am, a little wooze and secretion from my nose.
just a lil uncomfortable in my skin, feeling a lil tad too big for my tight skin, a lil tad prettier than my own skin.


here's a little something... edison chen's blog

though others might feel differently, i felt small and insignificant compared to people out there who's making it big. been slacking off due to the lack of peer pressure in my class, can definitely say that if this were my first year i would have done much better unaware of my standing in class.

been drugging myself in fantasies of books, Stolen Child, Bridge to Terabithia...movies such as Arthurs n the Minimoys, Pan's Labyrinth and my latest craze Dragonball!
just to sub the lack of excitement and turbulence in my life - usually ended up in the pretence of having super powers to comfort myself that though others might be in the light, i still have something within worthy of being proud of.

considering lately about many many things.. should i join the maggi competition? another one based on votes. After many competitions i realized they are not interested at all about you or the prizes you are supposed to receive. only in the publicity they receive.

i realized that i wanted the wrong set of things. i decided on wanting them even before i tried them on, or to see if they suits. now that i have it i realized they are not for me. is it too late to free myself from them. from all the principles that i thought will suit me.

thirst for some intelligent conversation..