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of freelancing and make up

what a year
what a week

the year started with a horrible bang... lots of disappointments. negativity. depression

this week is different
plenty of opportunities.. will post a walkthrough soon of each freelance!
meanwhile here is another make up tutorial.. on achieving cool grey eyeshadow.... my 2nd tutorial so far..

David on Fly FM

here i was driving, trying to remember the way.. listening to fly fm.. when he just picked up the phone and called fly.
he got 4 vip tix to one in a million this friday.. he's having a laugh



mlfinally.. enjoy. don't laugh or i'll kick your ass
its a make up and hair curling tutorial..


Making of..

Click on the picture :p


Why do i need to prove myself to you
Why do i have to be the assailant
I am just a girl


happy chinese new year



family extended

Make up Diary I

just trying to be a typical female blogger. plenty of pictures. very little words..

sans make up and contact lenses..with hair curlers

my improved vision

after concealing, base and foundation
Mac Studio Stick concealer
Shu Uemura UV base
Stila foundation

nice eyebrows and cheeks
Shu Uemura Seal Brown eyebrow pencil
Shu Uemura Blusher

After eye make up.
MAC pigments

After eyelash and eyeliner
I nuovi eyelas
Marjorca Majolica mascara

after hair curler and lip gloss
Lig Glass Mac

maybe i'll post a video soon..


Help! Opening New After Effects Files in Older versions

Lets face it, alot of softwares are not backward compatible, which means you cant open a cs3 file in a cs software...

if you are looking for help, you are in the right place.
cs3 do not support alot of plugins that are out there, after effects 7 supports most of them though, so sometimes there is a need to open back a cs3 file in AE7..

and if you have read CREATIVECOW, there is no way to do so... as i am damn freaking stubborn in finding loopholes through the layman terms.. i was mopping stoned in front of the pc figuring out a way to import/open a AECS3 file in AE7.

well we all know after effects exports to Adobe premier.

i guess those who can take the hint will close this browser now. lol...
anyway... this only works for files with little or no effects on the layers.. as they won't be transfered. but better than nothing right?

so the plain jane's way of doing things is to export the cs3 file to a premier project.
and importing the premier project in AE7. simple as that.

fill in all the missing stuff you have lost and voila!. you have your modern file time travelled to the stone age.

well if you have a better alternative do let me know.

n if i have helped you.. let me know too :)

Help! Corrupted maya file

what is the worse crashing scenario you have ever had?

no worries i m not going to explode every one out here with programming terms n whatnot, just layman terms.

before i experienced this particular crash, i used to think that maya crashing WHILE it is saving the file is the worst possible case of scenario. it wrecks the original file, rendered out a useless file with nothing inside.

let me top this up.

my file crashed while saving.... and thank god!! maya activated the emergency saving in the temp folder... all is well i thought. to my amazement, the original file was corrupted. NOTHING inside. 0 kb ok...
n the thing is, during the emergency saving, the emergency file in the temp folder is also fucked up. (remember what i said about layman terms) everytime i tried to open this file, maya crashes non stop.

so what is the first thing you would do if you have any technical problems with your software?
you google the damn problem.

yea yea there are sites n companies offering to repair your broken file, with a fee of course.
any broken file too..

i m not gonna fall for that.. i searched for other softwares that could open maya files, hoping i could re-export them out again... i stumbled upon Unity, Deep Exploration etc etc
no luck. error reading the file.

So what is the effing solution when you have like a barrage of animation, objects in your scene which crashed and left you with a useless file?
you better hoped you had organized your scene systematically..in layers n groups n shit.

the very simple solution is to open up maya. n drag the file from your folder into maya.
it sounds like file>import but its not... importing a file reads the whole file, dragging in a file into the scene is safer as it keeps the original architecture of the maya scene.

after this is done, you will notice some missing objects/layers/animation/nodes, cuz these missing objects/layers/whatnots are causing the error. if you try to delete these nodes or whatnots, your file may crash again.
what is safe to do is to select all your SAFE objects n re-export them into another maya file.

n i guess you will have to rebuild n rework your bad objects/ whatnots.

or you can pay those dudes to repair your file.... if you have a better alternative like fixing the maya file in a text editor with some high end programming, i will be glad to hear of it... let me know if you can help me...

let me know too if i have helped you. :)


tiny little sketches of love

long ago this blog was filled with declarations of love.. as time goes by i realized that i was REPEATING them .. n worse. each time to a different person. this makes everything meaningless, well you can't say you are unable to live without someone three times to different person. its stupid. after a while, i simply stopped writing anything about my personal relationships DURING happy times, lol.. cuz i still will blast people during my unhappy times.

so how can anything i say mean anything after it was soaked and marinated in the past. i know i know its different this time, but its an oxymoron as everything is never the same twice. you see what i mean by all these confusion.

i have to admit, i used to buy cards..search for quotes and lyrics online just to express how i feel... n most of the times, the words are not mine and will never describe how i feel. i just don't bother with them anymore. the more words there is, the more muddled i am..

i mean how can anyone say things like these " are you tired, cuz you have been running in my mind all day long?" and expect them to be from the heart?? hello?? its overused? or worse
.. "you have no idea how close we are... just like the U and I in the keyboard.. always together." go to hell la.

from my facebook graffiti adventures.. alot of emails were lost in translation... sigh... hmm.. ok... some just merely wanted to be friends... just wanted to know how i did the graffiti..

eg. 1 : " i think you are quite, can we be friendliness?"
... i didnt know quite is a synonym for cute...

eg.2 : "can we go to friend?" ... ... wow.

eg.3 : "can you do my friend?"
......this is ultimate. after this email, i have stopped drawing graffiti. i know what he wants is just to be friends with me, not to actually ask me to fuck his friend. wth man.

all these i can comprehend and understand the effort of constructing a sentence .. i mean i don't really mind.. cuz i can understand the underlying meaning... but there are those that just copy and paste some cheesy love quotes and expect me to be blown away. literally, yea i m blown away ...up to the fact that your email ended up in the trash.

well.. we often see lyrics pasted on blogs... or in cards... i m sure not everyone of us has got the ability to convey our feelings like songwriters do, so if you find a song that describes how you feel, why not?
just don't use it to ENHANCE how you feel... or worse... DEFINE how you feel.. but nothing sings as true as words from the heart. no matter how blunt they are.

i m feeling generous lately, maybe i'll post up a tutorial on how to do colorization on a grayscale painting.. like my previous artwork of a girl...the ones with the nippy... yea that one..
well.. i will be off to my hometown soon.. caramel egg custard here i come!



latest painting. click for a very large view. comments welcome..