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when life hands you a lemon..
bring out a tequila and salt

i can see it.. thru all the garnishing.
whats inside.

when u cannot cross a drain. let someone else pull u over.
but u cannot cross it if u don't wanna go over.

its not them. its me.
that causes all the fury n brings out the bad side of them.

strength are not measured by patience. but by love.

when 2 worlds come together. they will change
but will never be one.

i will listen to advices. but might not take it.

they cant see.
the selfishness in me. and the selflessness in him.

i can't see.
the selflessness in me. and the selfishness in him.

i can't play the piano. it won't listen to me.
i won't play the piano. it can't listen to me.

i can't see.
the youth in me. the time i have. the opportunities i have.

i cried to You. n i m still waiting for explanations.
so are You.

stepmom stepsis stepbro altar father shouting
home sweet home.

home sweet home... one home. broken. rebuilt. still home. no place like home. i wanna go home.

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