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thank u.
for noticing. n talking to me.

in the past.. we couldnt be close.

i feel so much better after talking to u. i understand. i understood already. how others looked at me last time. i was wrong. i was hoping. n wishing. yet i din know that they came true right there. right then. i din know til now. now i see myself differently in the mirror. cuz of you.
i miss u. i miss ur loud voice. ur high pitch singing. out of tune. of cos. n god i miss ur legs.
we changed. we grew.

cant wait to see you.
they kept us apart. they kept me from the top. from my dreams. from the real me.

but somehow i wish they had understand. n had accepted me. n love me. cuz somehow they dunno how important they are to me. still are.

now i wonder if those photos.. with only me missing... are intentional.
i crept out of myself sooner than i thought.

i m sure u'll be great as my model. thanks for everything. i know now u cared.

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