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update on motion graphic MINT

i actually have alot alot of polys for the hair, looks like seaweed, ivan calls it.
but due to the very lil hair i drew on the transparency map, it looks as if she have no hair, i was forced to give her sticks n flowers, gave the impression she has a bun... so its acceptable with that amount of hair...smart eh.

i created the hair when her body is upright, i used ik spline handle u see.. so when i rotate the whole thing to sleeping position, ALL THE FUCKING HAIR rotates n from flat seaweeds turn into thin side views of seaweed...........i was forced to delete ALL the iks... then rotate the joints.

then when i want to animate, i was forced to add the iks again.........n probably if things goes wrong.. i will have to key the joints after i set the iks......

so much for having hair in the scene...

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