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the beauty of mamaos!

the uses of mamaos :

1. to turn any threats/ angry statements/critisicm into sugarcoated endearments.
useful for being honest when talking and also not letting the listener take it the wrong way

eg1. why are you so selfish???!!! into why are you so selfish mamao???
eg2. you are so ugly and fat !! into you are so ugly and fat mamao..

2. as a wake up call/ hello

eg1. hi fei fei
eg2. hi mamao
eg3. hi fei mao

3. as endearments while still keeping the mood light

eg1. i miss u ma miao miao
eg2. thank u so much mao

4. as expressions of cuteness and elation

eg1. ee miao miao!!!! so cute mamao!!!!
eg2. niu niu so fat.. u see.
eg3 ahhhhhhh mamamamamamammamamamaMAO!!!

5. to give identity and signs that we are all part of a clique. the mao mao gang.

6. being able to order anyone about.
eg1. pick up that glass for me ( u will get a slap. *ps: pinch if from dennis)
mamao.. pick up that glass for me ( swoons)

7. indirect reference to someone/something that you dont want other people to know
eg1. (refering to cun chick) eh see that mamao over there. damn cun

who will know i ask u?
ha mamao?

spread the maos!!!!

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