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a perfect birthday by perfect friends!

wooooooooooooooo... though my birthday falls on a saturday the very first day of our holidays the celebration starts a day earlier..

i have already spotted present paper in dennis's room earlier on!!!! SO I KNOW ADI MAMAO!!

first present comes from ah b, narciso rodriguez FOR HER perfume, very very nice smell very elegant,i tell u no other perfume can smell like this

then audrey came after exams n gave me lovely earrings and matching long dangling necklace!! they are from the girls.. n dwong
dennis followed suit and gave me INKSPELL from the guys.. though he fervently said that he would not buy anything from the convenient wishlist.

we then went back to celebrate ah b's dad birthday.. which is jan 5, n mine jan 6
he is so generous as to share the cake with me haha. so we sang 2 rounds of birthday songs with 2 rounds of candle in VICTORIA STATION.

the next day me n ah b went back cyber to get stuffs.. n i found out that Vinn wanted to surprise me earlier on with a Zang Toi cake but it went to another person instead. how coincidental!

i open the door to find 2 extra presents inside!!
Vinn gave me a facial steamer and johnson gave me a mouse wrist pad. just what i needed!

we went to leisure mall to catch THE GUARDIAN. which is insufferably long and touching.

then we went to mid valley in search of maya books and another book i want, BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA, which movie is going to come out soon.

after that we went to bangsar VINCENZO.

i order the berry vodka and ah b the usual jack daniel coke.
OMG u wouldnt believe it. we had FOIE GRAS!!!!!!!!
goose liver.. it is nirvana. holy. heavenly and everything nice!
i had a necese salad while the escargot comes differently, shelled and marinated
then ah b had the ministrone soup that he loves
for main i have the lamb rack n ah b had the bolognese.
both are wonderful wonderful. defined as we are so fucking full but still can keep eating on cuz its so delicious!

then the bill comes!!. the waiter came holding a bouquet of FLOWERS!!! WAAA
i was so shocked i went " from whom?" the waiter just looked at ah b................

then when we got home, his family bought a gift for me too!! a GUESS bag..................
omg la.

today i got home, my sis gave me an assorted array of her favourite toys for my present. while my brother kept hyping about my mom buying me a secret recipe cake. " neh mami orh.. mai miao miao jeh jeh cake."

he calls me miao miao jeh jeh.. to differentiate from my sis, whom he calls miao miao.

so tonight would be family celebration.. AMAZING...........

this is the first first time in my life i have gotten so much attention, love and presents from everyone!!

so everyone look out! on ur 21st bday i m going to make sure u get the same thing! thank u all!!!! MUAX

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