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SHU UEMURA winners out in CLEO

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PIK CIK NYER.........................

cibai my eyes damn eff-ing big ok... why must they choose a photo of me out of the many thousands they took that showcases a typical rainbow eye when i smile.

unlike other girls, when i smile i look like this.

to remind you i have like fucking big eyes heres a big ass photo. HAH! take that you! pik cik pik cik pik cik.

you think i dunno how to do lighting meh. i also got slr wat, i can also do my own make up. grrrr

aih.. here are the scans from CLEO magazine. do buy ya. its march issue. i m totally digging the make up boxes btw.. i think they look really really cool.

click on them for larger view.
grand prize winner yuki chong

runners up

1 comment:

靖雯 said...

ah mao ah... u r the prettiest among all the winners lar,be it smaller or larger eyes,common chill chill