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portfolio update

i wanted to paint my room walls this weekend but the new wardrobe for my clothes have not arrived yet.. n i might need to make another trip to ikano to buy a wall table. if you know wat i mean.. haha..

so next week i'll be posting up photos of my room and my new house!!!

for the mean time i need some feedback..

below are some renders i composited from my tree dryad model.

advice on which one of the below looks more photorealistic.
this one? ( dark shadows no moss)

this one? ( moss n lighter shadow)

this one? ( moss + attached and cast shadow + hair {the leaves are her hair})

comments most welcome.. hehe.leave a shot


Anonymous said...

to me its like choosing between a plain cupcake, a cupcake with a cherry and a cupcake with a cherry and chocolate :P

The differences between the shadows are not that obvious to me.


nikki said...

no need i buy u tiramisu.. cibai.. haha

auds said...

and of course you choose the cup cake with the cherry and the chocolate!
i like the last one.

auds said...

oh oh.. do i get the tiramisu

haze said...

no i buy u moshimoru

Charel said...

I like the dark shadows, makes her look more enigmatic.
maybe change leaves ka? the maple leaves look too big and cluttered on her. (I kinda like the green moss one too, makes her look elvish, like Audrey Hepburn or Natalie Portman with really short hair) ;)