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tiny little sketches of love

long ago this blog was filled with declarations of love.. as time goes by i realized that i was REPEATING them .. n worse. each time to a different person. this makes everything meaningless, well you can't say you are unable to live without someone three times to different person. its stupid. after a while, i simply stopped writing anything about my personal relationships DURING happy times, lol.. cuz i still will blast people during my unhappy times.

so how can anything i say mean anything after it was soaked and marinated in the past. i know i know its different this time, but its an oxymoron as everything is never the same twice. you see what i mean by all these confusion.

i have to admit, i used to buy cards..search for quotes and lyrics online just to express how i feel... n most of the times, the words are not mine and will never describe how i feel. i just don't bother with them anymore. the more words there is, the more muddled i am..

i mean how can anyone say things like these " are you tired, cuz you have been running in my mind all day long?" and expect them to be from the heart?? hello?? its overused? or worse
.. "you have no idea how close we are... just like the U and I in the keyboard.. always together." go to hell la.

from my facebook graffiti adventures.. alot of emails were lost in translation... sigh... hmm.. ok... some just merely wanted to be friends... just wanted to know how i did the graffiti..

eg. 1 : " i think you are quite, can we be friendliness?"
... i didnt know quite is a synonym for cute...

eg.2 : "can we go to friend?" ... ... wow.

eg.3 : "can you do my friend?"
......this is ultimate. after this email, i have stopped drawing graffiti. i know what he wants is just to be friends with me, not to actually ask me to fuck his friend. wth man.

all these i can comprehend and understand the effort of constructing a sentence .. i mean i don't really mind.. cuz i can understand the underlying meaning... but there are those that just copy and paste some cheesy love quotes and expect me to be blown away. literally, yea i m blown away ...up to the fact that your email ended up in the trash.

well.. we often see lyrics pasted on blogs... or in cards... i m sure not everyone of us has got the ability to convey our feelings like songwriters do, so if you find a song that describes how you feel, why not?
just don't use it to ENHANCE how you feel... or worse... DEFINE how you feel.. but nothing sings as true as words from the heart. no matter how blunt they are.

i m feeling generous lately, maybe i'll post up a tutorial on how to do colorization on a grayscale painting.. like my previous artwork of a girl...the ones with the nippy... yea that one..
well.. i will be off to my hometown soon.. caramel egg custard here i come!

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