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I have deleted the blog that i posted few days ago.. due to the reason that i just thought that those thoughts should be kept quiet..
i will be starting another blog.. its gonna be huge!! so make sure you are a part of the community when it is launched next month... catch the launching freebie if you can.. its free and its incredible as well..

I am working hard right now in developing that blog.. i am currently at the design stage.. logos and blog design..
after that i will be coding the blog and then it will be launched...
i will not say what is the blog about right now.. its a secret... but just a tip.. every girl should not miss the opportunity to catch my new blog in action.

but one thing for sure.. its not a money making site where i scam you with products... its gonna be a good read that is both beneficial to you and me as well.. and its not gonna be about me.. its gonna be all about you!

i will be promoting that blog in youtube, facebook, here and everywhere imaginable.. so don't miss the action!

1 comment:

rebecca said...

The Bight

At low tide like this how sheer the water is.

White, crumbling ribs of marl protrude and glare

and the boats are dry, the pilings dry as matches,

Absorbing, rather than being absorbed,

the water in the bight doesn't wet anything,

the color of the gas flame turned as low as possible.

One can smell it turning to gas; if one were Baudelaire

one could probably hear it turning to marimba music.

The little ocher dredge at work off the end of the dock

already plays the dry perfectly off-beat claves.

The birds are outsize. Pelicans crash

into this peculiar gas unnecessarily hard.

it seems to me, like pickaxes,

rarely coming up with anything to show for it,

and going off with humorous elbowings,

Black-and-white man-of-war birds soar

on impalpable drafts

and open their tails like scissors on the curves

or tense them like wishbones, till they tremble.

The frowsy sponge boats keep coming in

with the obliging air of retrievers,

bristling with jackstraw gaffs and hooks

and decorated with bobbles of sponges.

There is a fence of chicken wire along the dock

where, glinting like little plowshares,

the blue-gray shark tails are hung up to dry

for the Chinese-restaurant trade.

Some of the little white boats are still piled up

against each other, or lie on their sides, stove in,

and not yet salvaged, if they ever will be, from the last bad storm.

like torn-open, unanswered letters.

the bight is littered with old correspondences.

Click. Click. Goes the dredge,

and brings up a dripping jawful of marl.

All the untidy activity continues,

awful but cheerful.

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