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Make Up Store

Recently we ( me n my partner, Kim) we prepared a cosmetic collaboration proposal.. in powerpoint and also in cover letter..
when my dad was back.. we kena fucked over by him. we ended up doing EVERYTHING again the day before we meet 2 clients (laura mercier and Make Up Store)
we were aiming for M cuz we LOVE LOVE LOVE their products.. so many shades. superb quality and well.. the marketing executive is very nice to us also la before.

what we wanted to do is to get products from them to give out as freebies in Bb.. n also get packs of products for another promo(secret.. hehe) .. n also in all our artices..photos.. n videos.. use their products.. so its kinda like a big thing.. especially the secret promo..

david was there when my dad fucked our presentation.. aih.. everybody got so excited and david was doing his own SRI he even stood up n watch my dad teach us the right way to present.

so we ended up doing everything until 5 am.. my dad said " i will be up 6.35 am to check on ur new presentation"

we were sleeping like logs. all 3 of us in my room

anyway.. we woke up at around 11 am.. printed all the shit. felt like shit due to the harrassment by my dad. we were so SOBER n SOMBER all the way we drive there.
silent n thoughtful..

we met the wrong person.. she is doing the events..
but she was so impressed by our presentation that she straight away called her marketing manager n set an appointment for us the next day (which is today, the manager pushed us to next week due to emergency watever)
n she also invited us to this fashion show bla bla...

she mentioned that giving us products is no problem at all... n its vv interesting.. bla bla

when we are back at the car. kim was screaming n singing all the way to our next client...
i was just steady.. cuz its not a win. not yet.. for me.. haha

this is a score.

we got EVERYTHING WE wanted and MORE.
for the promo.. we nailed the deal
for the freebies.. we nailed an even better deal with nothing to do with their products but something even better.
for the articles n shoots.. we have the best options in the world.

n then. kim got us a free make up workshop session next wednesday.

after the meeting.. our hps was flooded with calls. cuz it was set on silent.

well.. u see.. 2 young girls.. opting to start a business instead of being employed... raised alot of concern from their parents. bfs. bfs' parents.

so practically, all the parties are involved in Bb.. all the concerned parents... haha
so after the 2 deals.. both of us sat in the car in the hot car park, returning calls of triumph to our parents.

n of course. both of us owe my dad a meal. its impossible to pay him back la. mdfk he charge US2000 PER HOUR for training presentees. n the HOUR pay includes preparation time for presentation n the presentation itself n the feedback.
if i pay him i need to sell 3 of my organs.

naturally. this is just a start.


charel said...

MAO CONGRATS!!! *bouncebouncebounce* ure as super awesome as always! congrats again! :D:D:D so happy for u la...

心。葵 said...

congrats ler! my previous client was Makeup Store :D they are really nice! and the blushers! ah me like! :D

congrats once again!