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If I could...

If I could make the skies blue for you.. I would.

If I could go back to the days where we first met, I rather we not meet.
Given the chance, I rather we meet when time is on our side.

If I could go back to the sweet days of romance, I rather it not end.
Given the chance, I rather we stay the same.. instead of becoming mao maos.

If I could go back to uni days.. I rather it not end.
Given the chance, I rather us not meet each other's parents.
I rather us be in our little bubble of joy.

Given the chance, I rather us argue everyday.
Then we wouldn't pretend to accept and agree.
Then every real argument won't start cuz one of us exploded and ends up in break up.

Given the chance, I wouldn't change from the girl you once knew to the person I am.
and given the chance, I rather you not change from the guy you once was.

If there is 7 days in a week, I rather spend only 2 days with you. instead of 7.
Then we wouldn't take each other for granted.

If we knew what we did was so harmful, we wouldn't do it.
If we could just sleep and wake up to romantic days, that would be ideal.

If you could accept me and my changes, you wouldn't need to compromise.
If I could just be honest with you, I wouldn't need to pretend. and you wouldn't need to pretend that you are less committed to prevent pain.

If we are less frustrated with own selves, then we wouldn't take it out on each other.

I guess we destroyed everything.
I guess its too late.

and there is nothing to do but to cry.
for our lost love.

"Forgive me, I am this kinda girl:

I never knew my role.. fearing that I would need to make sacrifices for someone again.
To love, you need some kind of talent.
that's why I finally learn that to love, you need to give space..

I am not naive enough..
I don't allow myself to wait like an idiot.

but I am cruel to myself..
no matter how cruel, I still know my limits.

I was too serious..that's why I believe in love forever.
love makes us disappointed, thats why we pull each other down lower.

I was too responsible, I do not allow myself to have too many regrets..
but I am honest to myself, no matter how honest, I still know my limits.

I am an innocent kinda girl.. I do need some time to let out a long sigh..
those casual hugs, I keep them for people I hurt before.

You know that there are some questions that have no answers.. you still have to ask.
forgive me..cuz I am this kinda girl.."

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