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the feeling of missing a person.. its mysterious..
~ it trails..
like a shadow..
n it ripples.. at the very bottom of a heart..
~ without a trace...
or sound
~ and it can just embrace you with such loneliness..

i do not have the will to resist.. especially deep in the night..
~ where i think of you until the extent that i ant breathe..
~ made me wanna run to you at once..

to tell you firmly..

*i m willing to be there for you..
~ do anything for u..
~ even forget who i m ..just for you

if its only one second i could have to just lie on your chest..i wouldn't even regret if i lose the whole world..

i m willing to be there for u..
~ do anything for u..
~ even to be banished to the end of the world for u..

as long as u r willing to love me back sincerely...i m willing to do anything.. everything for u..*

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