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a pail full of idiots I M RANTING !!!!

i cannot tahan idiots

u know who is considered as idiots?
people who asks questions when they already know the answer or the answer is right in front of them or when they wait a while more, the answer will reveal itself.

case 1:
some dude just added me on YM for no reason.. in the end i found out he wanted to learn 3d max....he was referred from a senior fcm friend of mine..
after an hour of teaching him.
he asked me .. are u from fcm.

fcm. means faculty of creative multimedia.
in mmu. my university in cyberjaya, theres only FOUR faculties.
engineering. management, IT and creative multimedia.

DO U EVEN THINK BEFORE ASKING A QUESTION??? especially u r using yahoo messenger to contact me.. u can like think for as long as u want before pressing enter!!???
u think engineering, management, will learn 3d max???
n u think IT students will know alot bout 3d max in BETA??? when its their first year learning it????

n u know wats the problem he have with 3d max.
he wanted to import 3d max 8 file into 3d max 6.


ok. for people who dun use 3d max. i ask u
microsoft word 2006 can import into microsoft word 2001 onot???????
how can u import something new into OLD????????

where got people so TUN!!! somore study IT!!!!!!! BETA YEAR SOMORE
i screamed in frus dunno how many times thru out the conversation i had with him until ah b also frus n shouted back at me.

somore english so damp powderful.

case 2: poor tan kena lambast here.

i m drawing the textures on my binded book of subject studies on my pc table... refering to the monitor
tan asked..... oh. is that ur book..

hallo? its obvious its my book. i erupted in mountains of fire coming out in volleys thru my ears, nostril, mouth, n skin pores!
poor tan i scolded him siao. sorry.. after that guy i m like super sensitive .


i dun understand why people ask me oh u eating ah. when i AM EATING.
oh u driving ar. when I M DRIVING
oh u wear skirt ar. when IT IS A SKIRT!!!
oh why u come here ar?? when i m in the restaurant. TO EAT LA. mtcbmtfk

at least tell me.. oh u pretty ar. or oh u fat ar.
at least this kinda things i DUNNO its happening.

case 3:
this idiot. this case is super long ago di wan.
hes a mutual friend of me n my good friend.. n well last time my hair is wavy. i dun look like chinese la.
n my good friend. she got long hair. quite pretty la.
then he everytime online. ask none stop bout her... in BROKEN ENGLISH
where is ***? she is beautiful.. i long time no talkwith her liao .. how is she studies?

then i made the mistake of entering a game together iwth him.. last time vv cun big2 network.
can play chor dai di online that one.
he kept asking bout her none stop!!!!! i was going out of my mind.
n u know whats the climax of my frustration
he suddenly asked me be his gf.

wat kinda idiot tell a girl he is proposing to about another girl all the time.

... oh u know wat is his msn status now. looks like his english din improve. *finally i m join in O2jam server*

baka baka baka baka

so pls pls pls dun ask anything if the answer u already know.
like when my parents go out i follow. my sis ask non stop . where we going where we going where we going where we going
if she's my daughter i'll slap her.
30 minutes later U WILL KNOW WHERE WE ARE GOING!!! CANT U WAIT A WHILE TO GET UR ANSWER> like its gonna matter like that. u know di then wat i ask u. then wat???
answers will always reveal themselves in time.

n i totally cannot tolerate people asking questions just to show off.
oh do u know how much is this ******.
n u tell the person u have to find out n he have to wait a while
the person replies because he have to in YM u always reply one after another , the person says... oh my *** bought it for me./oh i have to bring it when i meet **someone higher status**

no matter how much... usually its not much. u r still gonna buy it!! why iz the price relevant.?? why do u need to ask how much izzit?? does it affect anything at all?? u will STILL BUY it.
why ask why ask why ask.
gosh i hate show offs.

n then u tell the fella. the price is not relevant right.. u r still getting it anyway. why do u wanna know.

oh i just want to know.
i want to plan. PLAN WAT???

mt cb

u wanna boast u boast la!! i dun mind!!!!! BUZZ me. tell me . wat u so proud off.
then i be happy for u. dun do farnee fakup things to show off. walking in front of me with gucci n prada plastered on ur toes is more subtle.

GOSH!!! me saying MAO MAO FAT, FAT FAT, MIAO MIAO, MIOR MIOR is even more intelligent than all those shit i been getting!!!!!!
man i sure miss intelligent conversations where no one ask questions when answer is known or about to be known.

u know theres this thing called tension. where theres something waiting to be revealed. an answer that u r supposed to give to relieve the tension.
even when theres no question.

example (p-idiot, q-smartass)..... 5 am conversation thru online messaging

p- hi


both feels the tension to speak. idiots will ask questions. intelligents will say something smart.

p- so late havent sleep? *5am. STILL NEED TO ASK???*

q- i m reading some crazy dude's article... quite interesting. *ignores question*




tension again

p- wat u doing now? *OH WAT THE FUCK. just told u wat. ask agian for wat?? idiot.*

q- still reading.. *pities p's stupidity** wat bout u?

p- nothing. * how can u be dsoing nothing????**





p- very boring arrrrrrrrrr ** this is the cue man, escape from t his idiot!!!!!!!!!!**

q- then why are u awake??? ** annoyed**

p- cannot sleep ** y u tell me u cannot sleep when i already know u r awake. tell la .. u got assignment. shits to do. people cannot sleep they roll in bed until they sleep ok. baka **




...tension builds up for someone to say something

p-wat u reading? * already told u!!!!!!!!!!!! crazy dude's article**

q- www. bzgjsdoifjsodf.com ** does not bother to repeat answer **

p - wa!!! u read alot hor.


stupid people talk too much. empty cans rattle too much. they know nothing

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