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to whom it may concern

i learnt that crying n facing pain alone is not pathetic..n lots of people do it too. n i respect those who did it.
why cant u. without making any fuss.

i learnt that asking for things that are not offered are pathetic. it just means u r desperate n dependant.
maybe u should stop asking.

i learnt that friends are those who forget certain things bout u.. n remember certain things bout u.. n put no act in front of u. n they are always easy going.
cant u forget n stop acting.

i learnt that blaming everyone including urself doesnt solve the problem. laying out the problems n then finding solutions is the right way.
face them like a bull.

i learnt that everyday i m angry at others.. but in fact i could have stop that by speaking up n telling them that what they are doing is spoiling my day.
but telling them will spoil theirs. theirs important. mine not?

i learnt not to purposely sneeze n shiver in cold.. or scratch n complain in heat.. just to hope someone will do something bout it. i will just walk to a better place to take care of myself.
no one will care bout u.. until u start caring bout urself.

i learnt not to be hurt when people look down on me.. cuz i know i m unworthy n so are they.
in return i will not look down on them.. try not to make them feel unworthy.
so stop treating everything as if its a competition.

i learnt that my life story isnt the main storyline of the movie. n i m not the star. but without me.. nothing is complete. n to some people.. i m the star.
be grateful to ur parents n siblings.

i learnt that each time u compromise with my whims n fancies, i love u more n more.. n i know that no matter how mature u are.. u can still be more mature..
pls realize that alot of people out there are always compromising with ur whims n fancies too.

i learnt that in my whole life, everything i hate hate hate .. i will have to face them once or twice.. or thru out my whole life. when i have faced them, i know i m proud of myself for growing up.
pls grow up. u r not a kid anymore.

i learnt that when lecturers make time to make ur life miserable, i should be grateful that they at least hate me. there are people whom they do not even know their name. or existance. n they should be the one pitied.
acknowledge people around u.

i learnt that adults screw up more than children do is because they do not get slapped around by parents when they do something wrong anymore. i wished i can be slapped out of my mistakes. n sometimes i wish i can slap u out of urs. teach u wats right n wats wrong.
n for once go to sleep punished, knowing that i wont repeat the mistake anymore n i m cleansed.
i learnt that by accepting u for who u r..i'll spend less time getting angry with u n scolding u.. n making my own life miserable... i'll learn that i'll be happy if i let myself be.
accept others for who they are.. u'll spend more time laughing sincerely.

i learnt thati was taught that after a days life... i should forget all anger i have before i sleep..n wake up anew.. with a smile to the first person u see.
forget n forgive..

i learnt that when u hate something n u still do it.. u have to let the person know u hate doing it.. but u r still gonna do it for that person... the person will understand its a sacrifice n will do the same to u.
everything works 2 ways.

i learnt all these when i m 19..

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