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progress with meeqa

day 1
meeqa arrived home.. after i set up everything.. the whole house get to hear... the awful noise of crabbing when we open the zip.
hear it http://www.sugarglider.net/images/loudcrab.wav

it was awful. scary. fucked up. dude
put him in the cage.
he did not come out to eat. to play. no nada.

late at night i got worried n i went to feed him some strawberry jam.. which he loves he came out to eat.. i have to use my armpit hair tweezer to feed... T_T

day 2
i bought some grapes n started feeding her. she still crabs everytime when my hand tower over her.. my hand go near her..
have to use tweezer..

when he eat. damn cute!!! he will lick lick. his tongue damn long. then he will bite the grape off the tweezer to eat inside the coconut.

then i took the coconut home out n put on the table. she climbed out after a while n played... all of us dun dare to touch him incase he crab again.
he peed on the telephone
he shitted on the telephone. he went into his pouch

as ah b go sleep in the room
i sleep with the pouch on me in the living room
after a while... he climbed out of his pouch n on me..
i woke up. called out his name. he was scared out of his wits n ran to my toe ...
then he jumped to the sofa
he climbed wires
jump to ivans pc table. then i gave him the bag. he went back in

day 3
today.. ivan fed him grapes with his finger n he ate it!!!
i tried. yay!! can
he even liked the jam off my fingers.
he ate differently now... he uses his hands to grab the grape this time.

ah b made the mistake of holding the coconut shell n blowing onto meeqa
meeqa crabbed... i ran out n hold the shell while ah b go away
then suddenly meeqa climbed out of the shell n onto me!!!
for the first time!!
n the he peed onto my shoulder.. i was frustrated
he shitted on me
i changed t shirt
he peed again

then i research.. he was marking me. aih.
i went to the room
he jumped everywhere.

to ah b also jump. then he bite ah b!!!!ahahahahahaha
he bit his ear lobe.
n peed on him too haha
then we bring him to street mall while ah b n lesly print things
ah b blew onto him again. n meeqa crabbed again

day 4
ah b fed him.. n he jumped on ah b...
we repeated the routine... feed.. put him on the table to play..
then i bought watermelon for him.

he crabbed at me when i try to feed the watermelon to him with my hand...
aih. guess he taught that i smell diff or something
so i used tweezer
he dun like it much
just eat a lil

he glided today. from the sofa to ivans table. it was amazing. he jumped everywhere n anywhere
like crazy
n he will go onto me when i offer my hand . provided he is outside of his cage.
inside. he dun care bout me

day 5
dunno why. today back to zero.
i feed him he turn away.
i go near him he go away.
maybe everyone leave di he lonely.

at night he active that time.. i went out to play with him.. i put the jam all over my hand.. he lick n lick then he climbed onto me a lil. then back away.

later on.. i open the cage.. i offer my hand.. he nip a lil. then he jump onto me n then from me glided to dennis's canvas
which he slided down..

Aih. bodo

i rushed to shut the balcony door... but then i din close finish
he ran out!!!!!

OH NO!!!!
i screamed for ah b
ah b try to catch him.. when he did.. meeqa crabbed n crabbed n bit him 5 times... T_T
then i rush to get a pail .
still cannot catch
ah b clever take a cloth n catch him.. then he still bite. ah b put him in our room
we close door. close window
he ran everywhere
peed on me again
he climbed onto ah b.. ah b got scratches on his back cuz of that.
meeqa's nails damn blardy long.
he played inside for a long time then i bring him back out cuz room too hot di...

i fed him baby food.. banana cereal.. he misses it.. it was his original diet back at his old owners n lapped it up hungrily..
then he slept like a baby.. n i bring his coconut to my room ...

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