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what if i want to go my own path instead of yours
sure a young woman. business. money.
attractive deal. no worries.

but what bout wat i want.

i'll be far far away.
when i finally see what i should deserve.

but just maybe now is my happiest moment of my life. if i choose that road.

east n west.

mandarin. fuck.

i'll do well in what i wanna do. maybe slowly. but at least its my life.

n do u think that she will let u give everything to me.
u giving this. traps me in this family. making me stay.

to ensure i'll take care of your sex's products.

i m not young anymore. i can see thru all your decisions.

when will i be free from you. from all of you.
for the meantime i'll just pretend to be dumb n play along. i can always choose to play the villian in the end.
n i can always find excuses why i should be the villian.

rendering maya....600 frames.
1 frame render 5 minutes.
1 hour render 12 frames
50 hours to render 600 frames.
someone save me.

i can now draw portraits without references!!!
out of my head!
i m godlike!

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