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Dear Sam Raimi,
I have been anticipating this movie for a long long time with high expectations due to your endless and powerful publicity campaign of teasers and trailers.
I m sad to say that I am highly disappointed with your movie.

First off, Spiderman 1 was amazing due to its emotional script but 3 was... cheesy and corny.
nope, I shall lay it with film students' terms, the script was predicatable, bad acting inducing and mostly due to the fact that the screenplay is written by YOU this time around.

In Spiderman 1, the screenplay was written by David Koepp which was outstanding which is no wonder why he was pledged for written the upcoming Spiderman 4.

Sam Raimi ruined the story with his corny script writing, making even the best actors round struggle with the horrid lines.

For Spiderman 4 i have heard that the cast would not even return. most of the cast. Sam Raimi is on his own.

News aside, Spiderman 3 is a mixture of a badly cheorographed love hate relationship together with visual effects action shots. Please don't hate me for hating this movie ok, i like bought the 165 bucks Spiderman chronicles book for my boyfriends birthday expecting it to be good, only to be blown away to pieces by its .. aih. u know.

The only excitement I noticed in the audience is when Stan Lee makes an appearance in the movie... He was the old man telling Tobey " Sometimes one man do make a difference"

like yeah?? duh... i mean how many times did the script raise goosebumps in you?none for me... it was badly written.. saved only at the end by the acting of James, Tobey and Kirsten.

According to Charel, the only good thing that came out of this movie is the ending song ... haha.. which is Signal Fire by Snow Patrol.. yay!!
The soundtrack boasts of songs by snow patrol, the killers, even rogue wave!!! woohoo!, jet and my chemical romance just to name a few..

The visual effects is stunning too.. i was like .. the fucking sand was reflected on the building!!! which i later found out that the buildings are mostly 3d too... wtf..
What a pity they did not spend ample time convincing Sam to get David Koepp for the screenwriting.

Bad parts =
1. Spiderman running with a background of American flag flapping.. WTF??? yes yes yes we know spiderman is a brand of America US of the A, ok? don't need to rub it in
2. Family Reunion scene for Sandman, can it get any cornier??
3. Spiderman becoming a wussy, depending on Harry
4. Similiar ending shot of funeral, similiar to Spiderman 1, only reminding audience how terrible this is compared to 1

Good parts=
1. Harry osborne's transformation into a man!!
2. Flashbacks from spiderman 1 and 2 ..how sad.

can u even believe some blogger even compare this to Batman Begins.....
It was like by Christopher Nolan, god of all films and this is like from Sam Raimi, the man who directed for the love of the game, a simple plan, the quick and the dead, clockwork, a simple murder?? heard of them?? never.

Christopher Nolan = the prestige.. OH MY FG
Memento= best film ever
Batman begins = mediocre effort, note i m only listing down the fiels he directed AND written.. others are.. um..not worth mentioning

please la ok. Sam Raimi n Christopher Nolan are like on totally different levels...
Sam is like a creep..no the travelling chicken in DOTa, while Christopher Nolan is like ass pawning godlike mtfk hero.

if you are planning to watch spiderman 3, go for the visual effects. ignore the lines, look at Harry and pray you have spiderman 1 at home to relive your passion for spidey.. you'll be fine.


Charel said...

yeah, woman. lines were shit corny and cheesy.
oh, another good thing that come out of the movie is Harry Osborn! James Franco SHOULD BE PETER PARKER FROM THE START!

Tan said...

I'll prefer Harry to be the ninja. :)