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the worst that can happen

i so drunk i m so gonna post this

last week... my never ending bout of bad luck happened..
first i did not present my final presentationa s i did not finish... not even half

then.. i got barred.. cuz i owe MMU 20 cents.. FUCKING 20 cents
like wat the effing cute king kong fuck???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today is saturday 12th may

we were supposed SUPPOSED yall.. to go to singapore for davids sis wedding solemnization.

i woke up at 9 by ah b's call.. rushed everything to readiness and greatness by 9 am.

then i drove there.

and it started.

my car broke down.
in front of a traffic light luckily..but not fortunately.. it was 10.12 am.. our bus was 11 am

i called ah b
he rushed there.
went back
fetched chuen
pushed my car to the side.. n rushed off to the train station

we were both fucking pissed. at each other . at everything. at everyone. fuck.


we were there... late

managed to exchanged the tix for the 12 pm one.


ok it was like this.
he placed his bag on the chair in front of me
he told me ' watch my bag, b'

he went out .. for a.. watever
i dunno.
then .. someone came to talk to me
a foreigner , he said ' lady, can u tell me which bus goes where?'
' where does ur tix says ur heading'
'wat time does ur tix says?'
um.. no no .. which bus is heading where..

i pointed.. n i saw ah b TALKING TO ANOTHER MAN... i was like ok watever
this one goes to penang the other goes singapore

he's like.. ok thank u

i look back. the bag's gone

the passport was inside. ah b's passport

my bag was still there.. with my passport inside.. why din they take that one
we did not realize that we were talking to someone at THE SAME FUCKING TIME when they took it n ran off.

we panicked. shouted. screamed. scolded. ran. searched. no avail.

went to the police station.. made a report. went home. sleep

wht a day... what a fucking day...

later at night.. we thought we should relax at shane's party. so here i m.. perpetually stoned.. drunk. blogging my bad luck at a cyber cafe.

this is... like.. nirvana.. man... i m so stoned.

peace out..

look after your belongings..

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