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basecamp vfx

after a week of working at basecamp, i have finally embarked on my houdini journey.
after days of rotoscoping dancing chicks with flying hair and fur jackets and hoop earrings, and 11 textures of realistic building i finally upgraded to houdini work.

thank god

but then again, its texturing.. trying to get used to the houdini interface but the renders in Mantra are really awesome.. i have yet to tweak the specular map though
the render above is just a basic render..no gi no nothing..
i m in awe of the people's work there.. i m like so far behind. really takes some getting use to.....

2 more balls to go.. and an animation of a bike to clean up..
they use alot of camera projection.. lol..

til next time..

oh i'll post a screen shot of a roto node view in Shake tomorrow.. hahahaha... its really really heavy


Anderson said...

I just responded to a job opening in basecamp|vfx today. How is it working there?

haze said...

funky peeps!
lovely environment.
they are all coffee bean lovers
vv professional in terms of work.. standard of quality very pro as well