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a little girl's thoughts

i'll never know why love is amplified by distance and fear
the saturated colours of union can fade to blur tones
the thirst quenched, back to facing walls
theres no one around, but the enveloping crowd of self indulgence
thats when my thoughts turn to you.

i am curling and hiding in my blanket, seeking the warmth thats no longer there.
i am thinking and fretting, pulling back the threads of time that we flowed thru without a thought..
i am wishing and hoping, that i am facing the walls together with you swimming thru the waves of time together in the same space..

why i can't explain why the same space felt bigger right now
the sad words of a love song realized its meaning in my heart
i might have drowned in sorrow least for the memories of us that still cling on to my consciousness

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