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Cheesie's new header

BlushBerry is in Cheeserland.com!

I designed the header for Cheesie.. but omg!!! IT WASN'T GREEN ENOUGH FOR HER!!!!!
I swear I breathe easier when I m in her blog.. cuz I am photosynthesis-ing.

The original header.

And below is all the other nonsense I cooked up in Photoshop.
Have a look see :
The background is shot using Heineken's bottle using SLR at a very very slow shutter speed.
Just wave the bottle around for the effect.
Dark room required.

When I showed this to Ringo, she was like " Selamat Hari Raya"
So I had to dump all the yellow away.

To this. green. no yellow. pls. ONLY GREEN.
PHOTOSYNTHESIS is the IN thing now.

She have green eyes!!!!!!

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