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Kakiis : A Moment with your Kakiis

Join the Kakiis!!!
Its a cool website where you can connect with all your friends!
They are holding a contest.
can get to win a freaking Mac Book Air
Thats the video contest!

I am just hoping that they will see how much fun we had when we shot this in Putrajaya.
So I am opting for the Photography Contest!
I couldn't possibly do it at BlushBerry so I am doing it here.

You can find out more here!
Oh by the way, if you do win the Mac Book Air thru this recommendation.. then it's mine.
I am such a good friend.

Friends Who Share Your Ups & Downs With You
taken with a Nikon DSLR at Putrajaya Bridge overlooking the Putrajaya Lake.
set with a timer. both for the camera and the action.
Many many takes and silly outtakes as well.
Our Post Graduation Photo.

Days of Great Memories..

Since I did not get to write a graduation post like yall.. ahem..
Here goes :
for being in my very happy university life.
for showing me what it means to have a friend.
to be loved and love.

and for introducing all your eccentricity in my life
letting me spread mine around too.

We are all on different paths now
though we did not begin at the same point
we may not end at the same point either
our paths did cross
and literally drew an X on me.

I haven't forgotten.
what it was like
to have friends like yall.

Much Love
Peace Out.


Jenny said...

hmmm... the one lying down is the best.

mystic said...

love you girl!