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new life

its been a long journey since i started blushberry.

i found friends. lost friends. got hurt. hurt others.
i learnt the hard way.. things I couldnt handle.. people i tried to handle.
i have grown.
after one full circle, i met new friends again... broke up. reconcile with old friends. n recovered.

(ok. in about 1 week's time. this blog is gonna be private as i will be putting up my version 2 .. n my personal blog will be there. this blog is a tad too personal to be public.)

so either you get to read this or you don't.

i m happy now. i have been compensating for another person's humor, life, happiness and temper.. if i slack for 2 out of 10 times.. i get berated by everyone around me, my family, friends his friends, him and myself as well.
"what about me. how come its always him that is being protected."

i was a coward, not daring to move or leave the comfort zone. i left. m fucking scared but I am moving on.

i am single but not looking.
the reason why I am not looking is just simple : i know exactly who i want.

n the time and tide is not right. until it is... i'll be single.

"thanks.. patience is virtue"

yes i lost my mac book pro. my friends. my relationship. my life basically. but i have gained something invaluable in return..
fml i misspelled something as someone fml. -_-

and i stopped smoking for 1 day already. clean. its amazing how much my skin cleared up.

back to topic.. i have gained a full understanding of my potential and the realization of the life I want.
i want a room full of apple products. imac. mbp. iphone.
i want a car.
after that i wanna travel.
then i want a house.

i realized my perk of getting up and driving late at night is not so weird...n the fact that i can just be silenced by the vastness of the sky and the beauty of the night is not that difficult to project to other people. just depending on who. maybe.

if you see this. thanks for reading so far. its been 6 years since this blog has started. its time to move on. the next time you are here.. u will be redirected to another website.


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