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The Last Post

Take my hand.. lead me through the fire.

You will be my long awaited answer to a long and painful fight.

Truth be told I tried my best, but somewhere along the way I got caught up in all there was to offer and the cost was so much more than I could bear.

We all begin with good intent when love was raw and young.
We believe that we can change ourselves, the past can be undone but we carry on our back our burden.
A burden time always reveals.

In the lonely and quiet night and the wound that will never heal
Its the bitter taste of losing everything. everyone.
that i've held so dear.

I have nowhere left to turn but you.
I'm lost to those I thought were friends to everyone I knew.
They turn their heads away, pretend they don't see me.
It's one missed step one slip before I know it and there doesn't seem a way to be redeemed.

Though I tried to be strong I've fallen
I have sunk so low
I messed up
Tried to handle this the best I could to deter it from traumatizing me.
It's all I could do to not drown in their passing shadows.

and when I found myself and you in some far off place.
It causes me to rethink some things, I start to sense that I have became someone else.

Things that have been lost on me are now clear as a bell.
When I go thru life so sure of where I am heading and I wind up lost and its the worse thing that could have happened.

The dreams I built for myself are not dreams I could achieve, I lost my way and I find myself weak and incapable of becoming perfect dreams.
The chilling night freeze my beating heart, enveloping it in despair and loneliness.

I breathe in the beautiful world out my window.
When I reached happiness, a silent part inside me wants to burn the earth up in flames.
Its a bitter confidence of knowing a burn is not as painful as what you have caused me.

Living is so hard to do when all I know is trapped inside your eyes but this aching heart ain't broken yet.
Maybe it's time for miracles.