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101 reasons why i love you

1. no reason at all..
2. u r fat
3. u r dumb
4. u r mao mao
5. when i m with u i feel like a kid.
6. u r hot. dun kembang ha
7. u r smart. sometimes la.
8. u smell nice
9. u can become vv nice pillow
10. u will do anything for me
11. u see n bring the best in me
12. u r the first one that bought me necklace n rose...
13. u always say i fat even when i look pretty, fat, thin or ugly
14. u sing out of tune together with me! yay.
15. ok sometimes u sing vv nice
16. u play guitar that time vvvv ying.......
17. when u dance u shake ur head like the prof. gauth jasmon head bobble..haha
18. when i sick, u cook porridge for me n stayed another day for me
19. when i m angry, u r vv patient with me
20. when i m sad, u purposely bring me to MV watch movie to cheer me up though we got assignments due next day.
21. sometimes u read to me.. feels vv nice..
22. when cannot sleep.. we stayed up n talk talk talk talk til late late
23. tickles.
24. i dun like u eat birdfood. ok this is not a reason. but i wanna put here i dun care.
25. u r forgetful..makes up for me being clumsy
26. when u pretend to be cool n fail miserably its totally funny
27. u protect me from ma lat lou
28. u help me when i needed help
29. u let me drive ur car eventhough i bang ur car before
30. i know more bout u than u will ever know bout urself
31. i love the way sometimes i m in control of u.hah!
32. i love the way how the tiniest thing i do affects u..
33. makes me feel so important n deserved.
34. i love the way u get angry suddenly n then after that hold me
35. i love the way u want me see u play futsal
36. i love the way u keep sticking to me when going out with friends
37. i love the way u suddenly like something i like... like.. ypp.. pop..lamb chop..haha..
38. i love the way u hold me
39. i love the way u repeat jokes to diff people in a diff point of view.. or diff story altogehter.
40. i love the way u suddenly burst out in laughter bout lil lil things
41. i love watching movies with u..
42. i love it when u pull me back to u after i pretend to ignore u
43. i love it when everything i have on me is bought by u.. NOT THAT I WANT U BUY SOMORE...
44. i love it when u scared n look away when i look at u for a long time
45. i love it when i smarter than u
46. i love it more when ur smarter than me
47. i love the way we are sharing lives now
48. u know every lil thing bout me
49. can talk cock n bull with u
50. can curse n scold n scream with u
51. can get drunk n club with u.. hot. hot hot.
52. i love it when u complain bout something n everything
53. i love it when u r not around, n i can feel u around cuz i know how u r going to react to things thats happening to me then
54. i love it when u gave me confidence to face the day without looking at me
55. i love it when u nag nag nag me nonstop for nothing
56. i love it when i go shopping alone, n i smile for nothing cuz i thought of u
57. i love it when u buy clothes for me that i look great in
58. i love it when i buy things for u n u use them..
59. i love it when we work on assignment together
60. i love it when after assignment or game finish, u kembang until u talk bull. THAT DOESNT MEAN U CAN DO IT ALWAYS. grr
61. u gave me names. mao mao ,miao miao. fat fat.. mong mong. bunny. mimi. ee!
62. u cook maggi mee for me..
63. we like to eat herbal egg!
64. i like it when u look in the mirror.. u screw up ur face n glare upwards while styling ur hair.. oh my god la.
65. i dun like it when u wwe/wwf/tna me. *cries*
66. i love it when u revenge on me............bahAHAHA
67. i love it when i can see the effects of my words on u.. akk.
68. i love it when after we talk so long.. we still can talk longer.. online also can
69. i love u cuz u vv cincai.. like me
70. i love u cuz u gave me courage to speak up
71. i dun like it when u dun tell me things... *cries*
72. i love it when i can see u on stage
73. i love it when u r in control
74. i love the way i m being controlled by my love for u.
75. i love it when u go all the way just to get present for me
76. i love it when we dine out... SHIOK.
77. i love eating assam laksa with u
78. we eat same mac ds!!! mc egg n double cheese!
79. we eat same chinese!! deer meet!!!
80. i love the way ur money is our money.. my money is my money.. haha jk jk.
81. i totally shag it when i go sleep. u follow. i give tiny hint wat i want u follow
82. sometimes u know what i want but pretend u dunno. fat.
83. i miss u even when u r with me
84. i love it when u hint hint lil bit bout future
85. i love it when u secretly surprise me
86. i love waking up beside u naturally withtout alarm clock.. vv sweet.!!
87. i love it when u r proud of me..
88. i really really love it when u tease me
89. i love the fact u r honest.
90. actually u like r small kid only
91. i love growing up n maturing with u.. seeing u getting fatter.. changing hairstyles..everything
92. i love the way u get out of ur car when u reach my house..
93. i love the way u keep wiping table when we go eat
94. i love it when u hug me tight tight n suffocate me
95. i love u cuz everything is so real.. yet like in a dream all the time
96. i love it when u r kind n considerate to others..
97. i love it when u look at me n say . HAH!
98. i love the way u make me laugh.. n cry by doing nothing at all..even when u r not with me
99. i love u for who u r.. what u r...
100. i love u even if u change. for better or worse.
101. i love u.

happy valentines day baby!

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