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i FINALLY FOUND THIS SONG!!!!!!... remember that song.. rang wo ai ni.. vv nice ya.. its from the same soundtrack.. omg omg omg omg omg

this calls for major translation.. hope i dun make any mistake!!

歌手:梁一贞 (战神 OST)


tell me that you love me

my eyes do not yearn for another sky...
yes.. it was me who said never to fall in love..
so who actually understood how pitiful my loneliness was..
the more love... the more loneliness there is..
why cant u understand the freedom that i want til now?
one word.. n you are gone..
please dun let me think that the ending of every happiness i have is pain
the loneliest people.. they do not cry..
tell me you love me.. say it to my ear..
i have forgotten the deep feeling it evokes..
love is hard to understand.. we still could not figure it out..
those pain.. those happiness.. how many are real?
tell me you love me.. use all your heart and soul to warm me once more
even when you cannot prove to me how long your love will last..
i know you just wanna avoid a few of my wants n needs
lets watch the sky for one last second..
lets watch the sky for this last time that you love me..
tell me that you love me...


痛的感覺那麼的清晰 不論我再怎麼休息 總無法痊癒
心裡被你踏上了腳印 要等待多少次潮汐 才能洗去
我的期待值得你等待 就讓它慢慢的來 沒有傷害
日月星辰交給我安排 熬過了風雪的阻礙 遠方還有一片海
一首歌就算打亂了節奏 曲終人散之後 真心依舊能讓你感動
一顆眼淚如果不是那麼沈重 那麼不如 就讓它流 再隨著它蒸發在空中
Your Love Forever
每一次閉上眼睛 你的容顏更清晰 記得比忘記容易
難以更動的結局 我想我撐得過去 面對不容易 我可以

就算錯誤不可能彌補 拿全部當做賭注 請為我祝福
多少夜裡有人為我哭 經過了追逐的辛苦 回憶都是滿足
一段路就算看不到遠處 只要往前一步 再一步或許就要告別辛苦
一個信徒一生只求一個領悟 就算路途 有些耽誤 這一切終將值得記錄
Your Love Forever
每一次閉上眼睛 你的容顏更清晰 記得比忘記容易
難以更動的結局 我想我撐得過去 面對不容易 我可以

I Wish Forever
把悲傷寫成日記 快樂是給你的信 讓你只看到好天氣
爬上屋頂深呼吸 為愛重新定義 真得相信 一定可以
每一次閉上眼睛 你的容顏更清晰 記得比忘記容易
難以更動的結局 我想我撐得過去 面對不容易 我可以
忘記不容易 我可以

i can..

pain.. the feeling is so distinct no matter how much i try to heal..still i cannot be new
my heart already is engraved with your marks..how many tides do i have to wait thru..until i can finally move on
my expectations will be worth your wait.. slowly take your time.. theres no pain
time tested all my plans... been thru wind and snow.. still i can see the ocean at the end of the road
a broken rhythm song... with bad lyrics.. as long as its from the heart... it can still touch your heart..
a teardrop.. if its not that heavy... why dont you just let it flow.. it will disappear into the air anyway..
your love forever
everytime i close my eyes... your face came into my mind... remembering is easier compared to forgetting...
its hard to change the future... i think i'll stay in the past.. facing u is not easy... but i'll try..

even when theres no apologies after any mistakes.. everytime became a wager..
please wish me well for my future..
how many nights.. people cry for me... been thru all the laborious work.. in the end.. the memory is satisfying..
a road.. even if u cannot see the end.. u still have to make a step forward.. and another step..even when theres goodbye at the end of all the work..
a student tries to learn something thru his life... even when theres some pause.. the pause is worth learing about...
your love forever

i wish forever... write all my pain into a diary.. write all my happiness to u in letters.. let you only see sunny days from me..
go up to the rooftop just to catch a breath.. give love a new definition... really believe... i can
i can..

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