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its not that i do not want to update. but the connex sucks. i have a folder of blogs and photos to upload which i have been uploading for.. 2 weeks.

crazy i know.

i will post when i have proper connection that you can at least upload 15kb pictures.

but but.


yes mamao YES!!

i totally like flunked this sem. but i dun care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i m godlike you know. i can like totally see through people like they are paper. no no. tissue.
i can even predict.
i marvel at people who still want to compete.

i have reached nirvana level. where.... make up. clothes. shoes. are of no importance to me anymore.
i mean i still wear them just that i dun shop for them anymore. but if u buy for me i still be vv happy la.
but why mamao. why not important anymore. because everytime i wear something nice, i get put down by people around me.
why u wear until so nice
why u wear like this
why why why why why why

because mamao. people look at girls who wear something nice. so naturally i want to wear something nice so that you will look at me instead of other people around me. n naturally it would have to be something EXTRA nice. better than others so that you don't look at them at all n totally like. focus on me.

yes i lack of attention.

not important anymore. because i m godlike and i dun need clothes anymore i believe.
i believe
i believe

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