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overview of beta year

its funny how something so plain n direct does not hit students in the eye as they are toyed with financially, psychologically, physically and emotionally.
first we have got 6 subjects to finish up in 14 weeks. which, we have to produce farking

good quality mtv,
80 pages portrait sketchbook,
2 full blown painted portraits,
near 60 pages studies of a subject,
a wood/glass/metal sculpture,
3 3d animations,
improve an advertisement,
a DYNAMIC web portal, think msn.com, deviantart.com,
and finally, a lousy shoebox.

well u see, we have exams too.

obviously its a ploy mmu have taken to make sure 40% fail and 45% have to repeat the course, ensuring that mmu have almost 20% increment in profits every year.

you see, we really want to do a good job, but int he end we are so freaking sleepy and tired to care bout whether its good or not, we just end up losing steam and rushing work just to PASS UP IN TIME.

and our beloved lecturer che mat, who obviously love to mislead and then in the end say otherwise. people obviously cannot see through him. he comes to class, throwing tantrum our assignments on the floor, scolding us, shooing us out of class.. students are angry yes.
thats not it yet. the other half of the class, he tried a miserable attempt to turn things around by joking with everybody, with FREQUENT references to those he lashed earlier on.
in the end, everybody is laughing with him without an inkling they have been manipulated psychologically.
and funny, in the end people actually clapped their hands. with him.

sounds like a familiar past of mine. getting beaten up for no reason and then someone buys you an ice cream as consolation.

and we have come here to learn, turns out that we do not have time. assignments are passed to those with more experience, leaving newbies learning nothing and experts learning more. because experts do it faster. so pray we can pass up in time!!!!!
theres no time to learn!! only time to deliver!!

and then the american idol judges of our mtv. shall i even start that they are actually famous directors and audio producer in malaysia.
n they actually copied n plagiarised work. int he very first lecture, a treatment one lecture used for his MTV , the taglines was taken DIRECTLY from Love Actually, the movie. bla bla love actually is all around us.
don't believe it? go to the mpm website and download the 1st lecture. then watch the movie. oh btw, the treament name is WITH YOU.

n shall i add that none of the lecturers can speak good english?

enough ranting. who knows someone might copy my words n put it in a treatment. BAHAHA. so farnee.

even some lecturers began to expose that lecturers in mmu plagiarises student's work. with so much confirmation, i just want to PASS beta.
instead of ACE-ing it.
well get this, you can always copy or plagiarise our work, but what we have is talent, which you do not. and with talent, we can always come up with better ideas.

well. what have i done.
some of the work from my sketchbook. its ridiculous to do 80. which i did. its ridiculous to post all up. i dun wanna be stupid twice.

always draw explicits for the 1st few pages. yoko ono and john lennon. gives me ideas for my wedding photography concept.

my sister.. top up view..

paula malai ali...

some ZA ad

natalie portman. V for vendetta. watch it. its fantastic. the most intelligent movie i have ever watched since memento

now i realize.. when i drew this picture. that her eyes are misaligned. i was torn. should i follow her wonky eyes or should i fix it. if i follow, people would be dumb enough to think that its my mistake. so i fixed it


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takeshi kaneshiro kanena ccb.

king of acting, al pacino

memoirs of a geisha. sorry look senget i perspective crop it wrongly in photoshop.

some russian model

my illustration board concept was supposed to be likethis at first..

look.no lines! all shades and tones

reference : david chen.

this one really is david.

my illustration board

full figure one. colour out liao. long story

ah b's illustration board

ah b's illustration board. ps : mine were at the A stack... while ah b's is at the B stack. isnt it obvious that this quality should go into the A grade one. biased.

my 400 bucks sculpture. that made me unable to pay for any meals, buy bday present for ah b. i m totally broke now.

ah b's 300 bucks sculpture.

ok. no more le

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