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the woes of a fcm student

its hard to watch a movie nowadays without scoffing at it. its even more difficult to watch with friends not from MMU or fcm n then share your thoughts bout it.

how was the movie?

err... okla. ( knnccb the fella dunno how to act, the cinematography suxs, the storyline suxs, its an ultimate letdown)

how to answer i ask u.

when mega movies like xmen, davinci code, geisha. boo. boo . boo.

n i totally hate hongkie b grade movies. B GRADE ah. dun emo.

crap la. watch movie now will offend other people feelings.

dating? anyone?

recently i read up a blog.. http://singlendatingkl.blogspot.com/
its a group blog of around 4 writers who are well, single and dating.

i realise that being single, u have flings. n when u have flings u fuck around. with friends.

well, to me when people praise you its a red alert that they want something out of you. beware of flattery!!!!
n once people start praising, i started running.

i m a hyper in reading signs. ONCE they praise.run
if u dun run, its level two, they talk bout relationship with you.
if that isnt obvious enough. RUN
if u din run, they ask for you number. now thats obvious, i do not need to be a hyper. RUN RUN RUN
and then the date comes. actually if u din run its ok.
its damn. damn. annoying. when u HOPE that it would work. u go out. n then it hit u when u are innocently eating together.

oh my god. he will never call me again. or msg me anymore.
n sure enough. this time. he runs.

okok. if u r lucky enough. he din run. u din run.
comes the next step. either he want to fuck n then forget it.
or he wants a relationship.

both is just as bad if you do not like him n u did not run. which is dumb. u stir up trouble. you 'hurt' his feelings . guys dun have feelings ok. at least not when they are courting.
basically, u turn both ur lives n his lives upside down.

say no to dating if u dun like that guy to begin with. love grows, the hard way though. dun try it.
n run for gods sake , if he already have a gf n is hitting on u. do you have to turn a 'faithful' man to a cheating one? well, i know they arent faithful to begin with, thats why they have different mecha like eyes, brain, mind, balls, dick and heart which can EACH FOCUS ON ANOTHER GIRL.

Good guys out there
is at home wearing geeky specs and cooking.

or is in a relationship.

or is.. blabla. we all know this.

how to spot a good guy.
a guy who have not have any relationship is the most unpredictable one. you will never know how good a guy is until he is in a relationship. he may say, i will be faithful..understanding.. bla bla.
but yes EVEN i want to be faithful.. understanding, loving.. cute.. bla bla.. BUT when u r in a relationship its not that simple, what u want of urself may not be the true you. the true you may feel stinging suffocating pain when he look at girls, n then you are JEALOUS.
or the true you may feel such discomfort when he spend time with his mates longer than with you.. n then you are POSSESSIVE.
yes yes. u can fight back the feelings, pretend u din feel it. but at one moment, the feeling will take over you n u will be VERY MEAN.

so the most dangerous guys are the single-til-this-moment guy.

guys in relationship. u can tell if he is good. if his gf did something wrong, he didnt lambast her kaukau. he is good.
if his gf fall down embarrassly, he didnt look away shamefully n help her instead. he is good.

but its hard to choose, most ex relationshipers are not virgins. those noob are virgins but they are unpredictable.

so how can u choose a noob, virgin and a good one at that.
i also dunno. if u know. tell me.

oo. no need to tell me. i got one liao. i totally forgot all about ah b.

meeqa bye bye
i m going to sell meeqa if his attitude does not improve end of this holidays. going to buy 2 babies. i want them to be like heidi's wan!!! can sleep in her hand.. OMG
meeqa is like playing a game.
a chasing, hide n seek game.

dun like.

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