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i can take this no more

1. i got this job.. of designing really basic n ugly websites. i took up the first project... n so far its going really bad.
u see they expect powerpoint standard kinda flash. instead of tready, flashy, abstract flash.
i have been suppressed creatively... very. very. suppppppprrrresed.

n streessseedd

2.n then my dad need me to do a portal for him. which i can barely find time to. he barely comes home.. when he does i m too sleepy.. or i m going to go dating with my boyfriend.....

3. and then the household chores... sweep mop. wash clothes. fold iron. cook. rice. water. milk. sister. bath. oh man. i do not want to get married or have kids for that matter... its so tiring. i do not have time for my work. my health... or anything else.

appreciate your mothers. please

monday i did everything...
tuesday i did everything except mop
wednesday i did everything except mop
today i did everything except sweep mop wash clothes.

talk bout slacking off.

4. meeqa is doing fine somehow...he loves to come out when i off the lights..n climb all over me.. lick me.. bite me. AIH. it hurts. up to the extent where he hold my fingers with his hands n lick n nip... or my armpit.. or my..'legpit'(go figure.. haha.. tze ching came up with that phrase) n my toes. u know the wedge between fingers n toes.. he would stick his tongue there, lick then nip. OWWW
he would climb all over me n would sit quietly when i placed the jam jar on my lap. while he ate them.. or the water saucer...
now he is climbing all over me.. i hope he will be my bra baby soon.. tomoro i will attempt to cut his nails... my body is full of scars cuz of him
he barks too nowadays to get attention... but all these happen in the dark... i wish he would be like this when the lights come on.. when its lighted, he hides behind the curtains.. in one of my thousand many many bags.all the time he barks.. damn cute.. but i dunno wat he wants.. haha.. he just wants to nuzzle me i suppose... i love him already

5. the only consolation comes when meeqa is behaving.
when my sis is being cute... ( what is nature ? she asks
nature is everything made by god. like stones n grasses, flowers.. man.. animals
those that are made by man are not nature. like buildings

n then she asked... but human make babies, then babies is not nature???)

when going out with ah b.. or talking to him..at least got some attention n praises n consolations after a long day's work..

guess thats how wives feel. after a long day's work, hoping their husband will enjoy their cooked dinner, n their company...
n thats how husbands feel as well, after a long day of being thrashed n stressed out at work, in the end hoping for attention n love.
somehow makes a tiring n awful day perfect n beautiful.. gives them the strength to move on to the next day.

funny how simple things like that yet many couples fail to do it.

i miss everybody

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