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i just finished watching requiem for a dream..starring ellen burstywn, jared leto, jennifer connelly, and marlon wayans.

its so haunting that i dun think i can ever sleep again without thinking of this movie.
the soundtrack is orchestrated by kronos quartet orchestra which only adds depth to the movie

its about 4 individuals. sarah the mother, harry the son, marion the girlfriend and tyrone the best friend.

it starts with harry n tyrone taking his mother's television set to sell in order to get money for drugs.
which led to harry n tyrone trying to distribute drugs for money. marion is hooked on drugs too but depended on harry for her 'bread'.

while sara, the mother got chosen for a television show and decided to slim down by taking diet pills. after some time she got hooked on it and started hallucinating.

the money came in effortlessly to harry and tyrone but after a shootout, the drugs distribution were stopped.

and then I CANNOT TAHAN!!!!
.. and then sara got insane n sent to hospital ...
and then marion decided to whore and have orgy( all shown in full flesh) to get the drugs.
and then harry n tyrone travelled to miami to get drugs but harry's arm got .... infected?
n tyrone sent him to the hospital.
which leads to harry's arm being amputated. and tyrone being caught by the police in the hospital.

the end. but it was good. n gory.
aside from a tragedic ending... which is against the myth of storytelling, its rather good.
but i detest the orgy and whoring scene, i was screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in the room n my sister is wondering why m i so agitated.
the acting were damn powerful, there is chemistry well... technically and figuratively. the soundtrack is amazing and the editing is hypnotic.

let me show u why.

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