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need money. now
want to have long hair. tomorrow

the past evaporates into a cloud of dusty smoke... they scatter before us.
we have said goodbye, yet i can't see any hint of sadness in your eyes
all you have given me was routine but even now when i see your sweet smile, i love u even more

suddenly. i understood it all.
all the future that you spoke off, they will never happen
n now, as i look at your face, it is of a stranger. not the face of the one i love.

my world seemed to snow, it became so cold.. that i couldn't love anymore.
so cold that all my hidden sorrows surfaced up and overwhelm me.

we kissed goodbye.. on an empty street
even the wind seemed to ridicule my weak refusal
it was a wild night... n i opened my heart to welcome the grief.

i want to remind u of our memories, but the attempt broke like how a kite breaks away from its string
i m not in your world anymore, no longer the sun in ur eyes
now i see, it was a tragedy all along
i will never be a part of your happy ending, instead i live only in your dreams


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