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daddy's little girl

sometimes love can be buried so deep you do not realize it is there. until one day, something happened... maybe a movie, a song, a picture, a gesture reminds you that your little body is capable of holding in such great mass of emotions. of love. for someone who brought you up in this turmoil world : minus the morning kisses, the affection fondles, the pat on the shoulder.

and then you think, how can i show my love for that someone whom i did not even kiss his cheek every morning.. or even when i leave town. all the love buried inside bursting to come out in ...
in.. what?

i m not strong enough to kiss him without crying. to hug him without crying. or even tell him that i love him without crying.

time flew by n i did not use one hour out of the 21 years to tell him.. thank you. sorry and i love you. i was always busy painting. playing piano. sleeping. at the pc. distant in my thoughts of work and my own life. that i have forgotten OUR life together.

how many hours did you spend telling your dad how much you love him?

if you see this.. spend a minute and tell him you do. love. him.

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