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a fit tribute to the 300 warriors, over grand, stylized, dramatized and overstaged epic movie. if i were a spartan i would be proud of the movie.

a few hours ago i was expecting bad acting, a whole shit load of effects ( the real stars of the movie almost 5 vfx production companies) and an empty movie.
i was wrong.

there are 3 types of movies.
the over and the under.
the over are the overstaged and dramatized like 300.
the under are realistic and down to earth like wong kar wai.

oh i mentioned 3, the one in between are the forgotten ones. so normal that it is but a speck of dust taking up space in your memory, like uncleaned registries.

some would expect 300 to be the under... or even be like the one in between.. hello??? its an epic hello? if its an under, like .. wat? the pianist or schindler's list then there would be no glory but only depression. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A GRAND DEPICTION.

but i do agree that it is harder to make a realistic film than an overstaged one, but honestly this time in 300 an overstaged one worked better.

for those who expect it to be in between over n under ( in the categories of failed sci fis, horrors, comedies, utterly sensely pointless films ).... i have nothing to say.

300 is a movie that will create not only waves in the audiences, but in the making of future films, setting a bench mark for other filmmakers. film is an art, where every frame every second if you pause it, the composition is perfect.

enough about 300...

i have recent updates on my work.
i m in a frenzy.. hyped.. !
i can say i m born to exceed boundaries everyday... in anything..
i m proud... yes... cuz i know i will have more humility when i go intern next sem... so let me have my share of pride before i fall.

vue Vue render... 19 hours render time, global radiosity

final concept board..

a little souvenir for reading up til now... have a nice day!!

was on the back cover of readers digest a many years ago... it was so cute.. i did it with colour pencils. like an empy canvas, for us to paint knowledge and beauty into it.

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