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unfinished ffXII digital painting, supposed to have balthier, ashe and the moogle u see now.

feeling the blues... life's a flat monotone song, constant drones and drums of the city life.
just woke up from a 12 hour nap from 3pm to 3 am, a little wooze and secretion from my nose.
just a lil uncomfortable in my skin, feeling a lil tad too big for my tight skin, a lil tad prettier than my own skin.


here's a little something... edison chen's blog

though others might feel differently, i felt small and insignificant compared to people out there who's making it big. been slacking off due to the lack of peer pressure in my class, can definitely say that if this were my first year i would have done much better unaware of my standing in class.

been drugging myself in fantasies of books, Stolen Child, Bridge to Terabithia...movies such as Arthurs n the Minimoys, Pan's Labyrinth and my latest craze Dragonball!
just to sub the lack of excitement and turbulence in my life - usually ended up in the pretence of having super powers to comfort myself that though others might be in the light, i still have something within worthy of being proud of.

considering lately about many many things.. should i join the maggi competition? another one based on votes. After many competitions i realized they are not interested at all about you or the prizes you are supposed to receive. only in the publicity they receive.

i realized that i wanted the wrong set of things. i decided on wanting them even before i tried them on, or to see if they suits. now that i have it i realized they are not for me. is it too late to free myself from them. from all the principles that i thought will suit me.

thirst for some intelligent conversation..

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