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dear you

dear you,

i m sorry, you are the closest to me, one i see everyday..
you have many who are close to you, i do not know where i stand in your heart.
its unfortunate that every week you are the first one i see,

every week, i see everything falling apart, no deadlines are met.
i know for sure the deadline cannot be met. n its unfortunate for u to read it in my face and my emotions what i feel for the whole team, you think that its all bad cuz of you but it isn't.

regardless of what my face says, i did not mean to hurt you. especially you. n in my heart, i do not think badly of you at all.

i cannot help you when i m hanging by a thread myself, i cannot be the only one who has solutions. i have snapped. i do not have the experience to be patient and still keep my head on when everything is in chaos.

i did not start this team to lead, but to make all of you into leaders. we did fine in the production. the lack of time made us snap, made me snapped. it is a shame that all my pain is felt by you too, you who are so optimistic and energetic.

i am sorry.

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