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i may not have a dream house with big lcd screen for a tv
i may not have a mom that can cook well or a perfect family
i may not have worked in the most illustrious company
i may not be considered kind and angelic
nor was i acknowledged being the smartest ass on earth
i may not have been to all the 7 wonders or to paris or france.
i may be content and raving about the little little things that i have, things that meant alot to me n little to you who have seen so many.
i may not be any superstar with huge visions.
i may not have been brought up by the greatest mom n dad.
i may not have a garden party for any of my birthdays.
i may not have an expensive and imported pet.
i may not have breakfast or luxurious meals waiting for me everytime i come home.

perhaps u think i m going to start the next sentence with a 'but i have xxx or yyy'
but thats not going to happen. theres not going to be a but cuz i do not really have anything to shout about.

that does not mean i m inferior to you who only care about who u have seen and where you have been and what you have.
i like my small tv at home, my old bed from 12 years ago, my collection of books that u may deem childish and my old car.
i m happy about the things i have, but i do not make others feel bad about the stuff they don't have.
at least i m real and you are not.

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