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first of all...lets kick start with momo!!!!

and some emo photos when i was on my way to awana puri

a view from my office... everyone that day was glued to the glass pane.. looking out for the parachuters that jump off kl towers.. supposed to be some rehearsal for merdeka.. cant u see it?? that 2 pixels there... lol
and some photos from klang.....

our director (pronounced duh-rect-tuh, not die-rect-tor) Ivan Leong

the 2 mamaos... vinn and haze

and muah

wth is calvin.. oh he was doing his gay thingie... censored off di.. but when i get his pic i will put it here... else he will give me his du lan look.. which is exactly right on his face right now as he is reading this...

looks like flower ya... buts it actually fireworks!

and finally PICC night on merdeka's countdown.. we brought a tripod.. the whole place is swimming with SLRS and tripods.. man.... i feel so inferior.. everyone else has at least a exposure meter.

here are some choice shots of that night.. i have like 200 ++ photos.. perhaps i should stock them :p
dunno why the tripod senget

still senget .. its putrajaya's bridge thats lighted up so nicely here

about to have dinner...

models during the night.. from cupid jewels

she posing for me wei...

testing shutter speed.. sky or cityscape... can't decide

my very very bad first attempt at fireworks.. exposed for too long, too big.. i think this was shutter speed 8" and aperture F11

subsequent shots, shutter 3" at F25

the whole city lighted up by japan's fireworks

the crowd actually went "ooohhh.."

another set of fireworks.


yet another set of fireworks

i think their theme is flowers

there was actually a solar system fireworks ... i have to dig again in my cf card

reminds me of palm trees

last one for now :D

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