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Birthday and Hotties

Alot has happened since the last time i typed anything coherently understandable in this blog.

but if the truth only hurts and confuses others.. whats the point of expressing it. I have learnt to keep my secrets well guarded.....well.. maybe a few hints here and there.. but what's the harm.

and i no longer care about how others judge me or my decisions.. i agree its not easy to be me..and i hate myself to the max but i don't wanna be you. either. :)
so there.

so.. well well well...

here are the photos of Ah b's birthday celebration...

We went to one of the japanese restaurants in Gardens.. next to Mid Valley..
The food was expensive but exquisite... yum yum

yuzu's bar

Yuzu's menu

look! there is a blue pouch for ice... to keep the sake warm!! how kangaroo-like

pour it babe

*clink* happy birthday

calamari rings.. salty... crunchy .. moderate appetizer

Sashimi.. look at the biiggg ass scallop on the oyster shell.

enjoying the raw fineries in life

can't believe he has a neck now

Charcoal stone grilled wahyu beef

mushrooms wrapped in a concoction of foie gras+unagi+salmon

grilled wahyu beef

tuna belly.. grilled. hard. not nice .. bluegh. it is harder than my teeth.

yesterday i went to jj and rudi's talk show.. thinking that it will be in some lame ass venue.. with no alcohol.. ( too traumatized by sean kingston's event already..) but to my dearest surprise.. it was held in bar savanh too.. in mont kiara.. with alcohol.. 2 tables away from the stage.. and PLENTY of celebrities... *swoons* *swoons* *swoons again * * and again *

* and again*

ok enough.

collecting our tickets for the show

bar savanh too

bar area



comedy lounge


mua again

me and ah b

ah b trying blue lagoon.. ( he is thinking " this tastes like medicine")

our food


harith iskandar

gerard, jared, ah b n unknown fella.. half futsal mates/half hitz fm troopers

iguana, alvin the chipmunk, napoleon dynamite and chinese warrior

at this point.. look at the dude behind me.. a UBER HANDSOME GUY WAS NEXT TO ME...
n now that i have CIA and FBI researched him, i found out that he is.. gavin yap.. malaysia's theater king... aih.. WHY DIDNT I APPROACH HIM FOR A PHOTOGRAPH!!!!!! I BET I BET.. ok i should calm down now..

thats him.. ... sigh. .. handsome.. n i felt like a broomstick next to him. *wipes sweat*

our very first opening act... zack.. hmm..mediocre performance.. not boring.. but he is no chris rock.. or peter russell...

harith iskandar again..

adam c from hitz.fm

zack playing with nipples.. they are allowed to say fuck and shit and boobs and dick.
wow. its a change.

zack panting after a few acting.. hmm.. he was like sweating.. n trying to catch his breath while trying to crack a joke. not. funny.

andrew. now he is good. damn good. blardy good.
one of malaysia's professional stand up comedian.. really cool dude..
but why the sunglasses?? do u have the sun following you from day INTO the night.
but its all forgivable since you made me laugh so hard...:)

jj... apart from the fact that he started his performance with 'i am so nervous .. i dunno what to do.. i am not funny.. i placed people in the crowd to laugh in case i have got cold response' i guess.. jj is pretty....... potong stim.

and also apart from the fact that he took jokes off the internet... remember the 'ken lee' music audition .. the dunno which country idol.. claiming that its english.. n she went like 'ken leeeee...dibo dibodibo douchu'... (she is actually singing mariah carey's without you)..
... jj is pretty.. lame

rudi came to save the day. BUT, he also started the show with a figurative telling of 'oh i m star trek's captain.. n u guys are the passengers asking me to save yall but all i could think off is 'can i go home'? n he mimicks running away. .. hmm. you judge.

apart from his play cute/play angry/play macho expressions.. rudi.. is nothing...

n he tried to save the day again with his guitar.. while lamenting bout the fact that his father is in the crowd every 5 minutes.. but after he waves like a boy to his dad, he cracks some sex joke.
now he is gonna sing a song bout boobies. so kill me.

but. the crowd was supportive enough.. to laugh.. n encourage the 2 lovable djs... from malaysias top radio station... nevertheless.. all of us is slowly wishing they would leave.

finally the duo together. looks like they need to work together.
n did they save the day?

nope not really.. cuz they are missing the main ingredient...

they are missing the 'laugh' and 'clap' and ' woooahhh' buttons on their dj table in hitz. they could just click a button and a recorded laugh or audience clap will be broadcasted. sorry bros.. not tonight. not here.

they were boring. but they werent torturous.

they missed one more ingredient too.. audience interactivity. looks like only jj + rudi + audience = comedy

too late. i supposed.

nice try though....

n that concludes my review of JJ and rudi's stand up comedy last night


JJ hitz.fm said...

First of all thanks for coming. It was our second attempt at stand up and I guess we have to work on new material. Hope you will come for the next one and judge for yourself.

Hopefully this doesn't mean you will stop listening to us. :)

Anonymous said...

To each their own I suppose.

I thought the crew's performance was pretty decent for very raw and new stage comedians.

It's like how you think that your 'creativity' and work is good enough for people to think of wanting to steal, but some might think that your work is horrible and and that you're tooting your own horn too loudly. Or that you think that you are absolutely da bomb and sexy and hot, whereas some might just think that you're as cheap and slutty as a 10 buck whore; or worse, just a plain immature girl trying to be a foxy lady.

Am I a big fan of the crew, you ask? Nah, I'm too old to the crew's brand of morning show, and actually do sometimes find their humour too slapstick and inane for my taste. I prefer dry British wit. Besides' I'm more of a rock fan.

Then why do I write all this crap supporting the crew and insulting you? I'm a realist. I state it as it is. You write blog postings to voice your opinion, be ridiculouly obnoxious and allow annonymous comments, obviously to drive up your readership numbers. I, on the other hand, like going round looking for blog entries randomly and posting my thoughts on people's blogs. Some good, some bad, and some downright nasty... and no, my comments here is decently mild and kind comparatively.

So, after all this ranting, what do I actually think of your 'creativity'? Just a shade below mediocre. Let just face it; creativity is inborn. Some of us have it, and others... well maybe the empty vessels DO make the most noise.

And your looks..? Errrmmm... I will do my good deed of the day here and leave that unsaid.

You most probably will delete this comment or retaliate by posting either a comment of even an actually blog entry on this. But please do know that I do not revisit the comment pages and therefore, won't be reading your rants on this, so just save yourself the trouble. I just comment and move on. That's how I roll. And maybe after you've fumed and raved insanely you should move on too. Learn how to do that gracefully, it's an artform which I'm sure will be of much use to you...move on gracefully.

yours truly,


haze said...

to jj
thanks for the comments. i m still a hitz.fm fan n will come to future events.. of course...hugz n supportz

to sonya..
maybe you have 'rolled' and 'moved on' but if you have read my other entries.. i did state that i do not think very highly of myself.. but i make use of what i have.. however little that is..hell i don't even caps my i's and do proper punctuation..if everyone need a brain of einstein and the artistic ability of van gogh to blog.. then the online community will be sparse..
i do not think that you are a hater.. cuz i believe in honesty and i am glad someone of your sassy intellect visited my site..i believe that we are all walking contradictions.. which i think that's what you are too..
stay sassy.

peace out..

auds said...

sometimes blogs are facades. to judge merely based on certain posts are a bit too harsh, don't you think?

some comments are just uncalled for. *shakes head* who's the obnoxious one eh..

haze. love ya girl. :) like, loads. lots. not just about you being so drop dead hot or about me wanting to steal all your work, but just because you are YOU! MUAH!

Anonymous said...


(Times when you need blind faith and utmost support in you, then comes the unwavering fan dedicating big lovely words of encouragement to you)

-- QoH

No, I don't usually type like that lol