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Harith Iskander Stand Up Comedy

I went for yet another stand up comedy.. this time, i went to harith iskander's show in Lim Kok Wing University (College la.... ). I have been curious about harith iskander since i had gone to the jj n rudi stand up show last time in bar savanh to. well, he was just an audience at that time but i was interested nonetheless.

so when i saw the poster in MMU today ( how weird, LKW actually advertises in MMU, i thought that we are arch rivals??..there are no difference between lkw n mmu except that you BUY a degree in lkw but u STUDIED for a degree in mmu. ) i was excited..

n i headed to lkw.. in high hopes.

well in the poster, as u can see.. there are no admission fee.. but sadly there is.. not that i would not pay for it gladly but at least have the decency to put it in the poster.

we bought our tickets for RM 15... n a photo of harith was in the tix.. they did not even create his matte properly.. there are jagged pixels of the background around his silhouette. i wonder if they did it on purpose or if they are just plain lazy. hmm

when we went in, a band called "sorry" was performing. they are better than the band that performed in my prom night.
the dude uses a tablet while he half sang/half mix/half play tunes on the laptop, accompanied by a bass electric and another mixer.

then the emcee came in.. intro intro... n to my surprise.. she started the opening act by bring in andrew netto..
look! its him again.
n the same jokes again.. plus n minus a lil compared to the opening act he did in bar savanh to.. no time to write up new materials maybe.. or the event wasn't worth the effort. ahem
after the appetizer, he brought out the main dish..harith iskander

man he is good... he has good improv skills.. his impersonations does not cause people to cringe (despite his size..) in fact, they pass off as funny and adorable even.
now here is a man who is both bald n fat but has a confidence to match brad pitt.

hmm.. one of his topics is about malaysia..
n he started off with ' i love malaysia.. i love being malaysian'
then goes in to a few fillers tembaking and kutuking malaysians
he puts in another ' but malaysia is the best.. i love malaysia..'
repeat. lol..

why. ... cuz there's a video camera video taping.
but i doubt he will say he hates malaysia even when there is no camera.

the publicity for this event is terrible.. sorta.. only one third of the floor was filled..
how sad.
what a waste...


Heidi said...

Eep! Your smokey eyes nude lips darn chun. <3

eh! This post is about Harith Iskander...

Your eyelashes!! Eeep! So nice!!!

Yes yes, I darn bimbo. :P

But you're right, not writing the admission fees on the poster is false advertising...I can't believe they did that. O_O

Theresa said...

Well written article.